Second Opinion on Man of Steel and The Bleak Promise of DC’s Cinematic Universe

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I really hate to be that person, but after giving Man of Steel an 8.5 and getting many opinions on the film, I have to take a second opinion on what I think of this film. Of course spoilers beware.

I can’t help but see myself agreeing fully with this opinion. The DC Cinematic Universe has portrayed a world that is in fact very bleak compared to that of Marvels. We know that is the direction and it really doesn’t matter how much you loved The Dark Knight or Man of Steel to see this. It would be a lie to look at DC movies and Marvel’s and not say that one is trying to let their heroes be heroes while the other is trying to be grounded. Nothing wrong with grounded, but it just doesn’t create that optimistic world that people will want to live in. I mean I’d love to live in the world Marvel created, it shows promise and excitement at the prospect of a superhero.

When you see the world that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has created, you see a world that has the chance for a better tomorrow. You see how people look up to the prospect of superheroes. You see people who tackle a problem and make a valiant attempt to save lives at the same time. It should be fun, thrilling, exciting, entertaining, there should be some connection to the heroes on-screen. Avengers had witty dialogue, brilliant dynamic and superheroes that had conviction. When I watch Man of Steel I see them trying to be everything Avengers isn’t and it just doesn’t work that way. That is what we get from most of Marvel’s movies. Call it light and fluffy, but when you hear the word superhero, the cinematic universe Marvel made for these heroes should be what comes to mind first. You can make the movies as real as you want, as grounded too, but don’t mask it in something so depressing as if the world is such a depressing place. Avengers didn’t have to show the world that they needed hope, they showed the world that there are forces out there that cares for their well-being.


It honestly must have been the thrill of first seeing the movie, but after letting things calm down I realized in many ways where this movie went wrong. It’s NOT what it sells itself to be. No hope, no heart, no Clark, nothing unique. As many people will say, it felt like Man of Steel was trying to “1 Up” all the other superhero films previous. Taking many elements that made them successful and mesh them into something that they think will help them surpass all. While it may have worked on some, and even me at first, it was clear what they did and when you realize this you feel very disappointed. Between the action from Avengers and Transformers, dark/gritty tone from Batman, and sifi elements from Star Trek, it felt like a disaster. Every fan of the movie will tell you that there was hope, but there was no hope in sight. People died, there as no attachment to any of these people that he was trying to save. The drama and emotion were there, but it was empty gestures that failed to pass as heroics rather than great power comes great responsibility. In the end it’s just as Mark Waid said it was, though a bit harsh, it was in fact disaster porn.

When I took a second look at this film, I found myself questioning why I really cared for any of these characters, and the truth was I didn’t. I had no reason to and no time at all was spent to give me a reason to do so. If they all died I don’t think I would shed a tear because they weren’t as important as they should be and just seemed like tools forced to mold a story which was broken. No true dynamic that made Avengers great, nothing likable, just nothing appealing at all unless I was someone who really fell for something so dramatic. Where is the hope when the world around you is so bleak? Why would you want to save a world so dark, let alone want to live in one? Save the dark and gritty for Batman, this is Superman. If he really cared for this world than there wouldn’t even have been so much death, way too much for someone who’s supposed to be a superhero. It’s not as if this is some ordinary villain trying to take over Earth, they came after Clark and it was his presence on Earth that brought Zod there with his army.

Superman levels a square mile of Metropolis, brings down dozen’s of skyscrapers, killing thousands, but breaks THE rule of the Big Blue Boyscout and kills Zod b/c he is gonna fry some ppl in front of him? Jonathan Kent was written as a coward that told his son to avoid telling people he was special and not help. He had no relationship with the Kents, and he would’ve been clueless without the ghost of exposition Jor-El spoonfeeding him everything he needed to know. Henry Cavill was good, the script was disrespectful to Superman


This wasn’t Clark either, they spent so much time trying to be different that they forgot about what made him who he is to the fans. It says something if the views on this film is so split and even the writers for Superman books criticize his characterization as nothing they recall him being. So few lines giving that made him feel human rather than an alien looking to find his purpose. It’s just tasteless and fell so flat that I found myself fidgeting out of boredom because so much is unnecessary in this film.

In the end this is nothing against the world that DC is trying to bring to films, but bleak is not the direction to take. This isn’t an arguable statement, the movie is bleak and from many’s perspective it can be assumed of the rest of the movies to come which is a bad sign when this film has received such a split reaction. You can’t change the formula because you want to make the perfect film, Superman is that superhero that defines everything good in the world, a world that they make so dark. Wonder Woman’s story is not dark, Flash’s definitely is not dark, and what are you going to reboot Green Lantern to be dark as well? Not a good sign and the direction needs to be re-evaluated.

Here’s a reference of MANY opinions which you have to be lying to yourself in order to say that this movie was as great and “hopeful” as it tries to sell itself.

OPINION: The Bleak Promise of DC’s Cinematic Universe

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