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A very entertaining series which had shown a lot of promise, mishandled by ABC and fell off while it was just getting good. It’s one which should be recognized for how good it was when it had that chance to shine.

No Ordinary Family is about how a low self-esteem dad, his brilliant wife, and two perpetually annoyed teenaged children take a trip to Brazil because the dad felt like they needed some family bonding since they were kinda dysfunctional. This trip however went wrong when their plane got caught in a storm causing it to crash into a mysterious body of water in the Amazon that granted them superpowers. With these new-found powers the shenanigans of course ensue as they try to deal with having them and keeping them hidden from the public.

Now I have a thing for family teams of heroes between this Fantastic Four and Incredibles. This was a great superhero story that centered around family that was not in any way given a chance to become something great. Just like Alphas this series was doing just fine besides ratings and was hitting the peak of the storyline when they dropped it. This series I honestly don’t think was handled right. It was handled by the wrong channel, had a bad time slot, and not many were even aware that this show existed. I was very upset to see it go and this is a concept that should have been easily progressed.


Though their powers were simple, as a group it was very dynamic. Jim’s power is super-strength (he can lift 11,000┬álbs.), he is nearly invulnerable, and can leap over tall buildings. Stephanie can run faster than the speed of light, enabling time travel. Daphne has the power of telepathy and the ability to listen to the memories of others. She later discovered that she could also influence the behavior of others for a short time by means of telepathic suggestion. She also develops the ability to erase memories through this method. James has vast intelligence. He has the ability to speed-read and comprehend large amounts of information by just reading the page. He is also capable of learning a new language fluently in a matter of minutes. His powers extend to a form of “genius vision”. Together their powers make them a very effective team, reminds you again of the Fantastic Four.

Unlike other series, this one had a balance in focus over action and story. The pacing did take some time to pick up in a way that would keep the viewer engaged, but when it did, it was very exciting. Many twists, and what separates it from others is that they took a unique approach to answering how powers exist in their world.

The worst part about this series cancellation is that it ended in a huge cliffhanger. It leaves you stuck wondering what Jim’s best friend’s super power were going to be after the plane crash. Then they still have to track down all the other escapees that were connected to it. We also have the family supposedly now working for the government which would have been a huge change in direction for the series given the chance.

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    (July 9, 2013 - 6:35 am)

    I will never forget the Shield promo where Michael Chiklis runs *through* the fence.

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