Concern For DC’s “Trinity War”

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Is there a problem when we basically know what to expect from this event and the end outcome?

We know that One hero is going to cross the line ( Killing) and one hero is going to end up dead.. I hate to say that even revealing that much about the story is a bad move. I already feel it hard to invest as much time as I’d like into this event when nothing is really going to shock me other than knowing a hero is going to die. At this point you expect them to be going for shock value, and even then if you are just reading it to find out who that hero is that died then you might be wasting your money. Maybe the story will be worth it, but when you reveal as much as they did, it ruins the anticipation and creates concern in its place. That’s how I feel at this moment because even that little bit of information means a lot and can be interpreted in many ways.

The outcome of “Trinity War” will directly lead into DC’s “Villains Month”, the end result of the war. Just yesterday we heard from Geoff Johns that the Justice League of America are basically being setup to stop the Justice League and how this clash plays right into the hands of the Super Villains and leads into Forever Evil. This and it will have a focus on Pandora, The Phantom Stranger and The Question. I mean what more is to explain after that? I really don’t see why I’d care for what happens in between these events to lead up to something that they have been hyping more than what leads up to it.


It’s nothing against Trinity War as a whole, but DC’s tactics to approaching this event can leave you skeptical as to if it will be worth your time to pick up. I personally would have loved to be left in the dark as to what we can expect from this story, something that neither Marvel or DC have really cared to do. Hype is one thing and not a bad thing, but think about keep people interested in the story to actually pick it up.

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