Thoughts On The Reveal of Damian: Son of Batman


Well dead or from a possible future, Damian was going to find his way back to the spotlight eventually.

Exploring the path that Damian has taken to become Batman, sounds like a good concept to me. As many will say, Damian’s death should never have occurred. He is the most interesting robin, and the rest were so bland until they get out of the costume and into another while he actually made the role interesting. When Damian came along, it felt that there wasn’t another Robin for the sake of it, they were looking for something that made sense. Someone who was closely linked to Batman and had actually shown the potential to succeed him if possible. It was a believable addition which made it all the more upsetting for his death. I certainly felt as if I was taken advantage of when they thought this was a good move on their part.

Though I do have to say, what they’re doing now is a smart move. Damian’s potential future as the Batman of Gotham has been glimpsed both in issue #666 and other issues of Morrison’s run, the publisher obviously feels there’s more to be mined from the young hero even from beyond the grave. We all knew there would be more involving his character somehow. It was too much of a cop out to have killed him off in the first place as many felt as though it was all just for shock value and sales. Seeing how anyone is able to walk a mile in Batman’s boots is something worth picking up, especially when it’s his own son.


With this said, I do also have to point out the potential for the story overall, as it may lead to more appearances from Damian. It’s no secret that writers love to mess with time, and this may be no exception. Cable, Power Girl, characters who came from different points of time and dimensions, crossed over into the main storyline and found a new home. Who’s to say this couldn’t happen for Damian? I surely wouldn’t be against this. It may not be the same fun loving Damian we had before his death, but it’s still Damian nonetheless and one that isn’t tied down by being Batman’s sidekick. It would also add a fresh perspective as a member of the Bat Family who is more aggressive. We all know the Batman he becomes, and having someone to challenge Bruce in that respect is a very welcome change.

So as more information on this storyline may be revealed closer to it’s release, it’s safe to say that this is a story to anticipate. Call it what you like but it’s better than the cliche of bringing another hero back from the dead because they ran out of ideas. That would be something to dismiss at this point, though this is something different. Hopefully it doesn’t disappoint, though at least we see that the writers agree with us that Damian was gone prematurely.

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