Black Bat #3 Review

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Black Bat #3

Written by: Brian Buccelato
Art by: Ronon Cliquet

Buccelato is showing to have a very good handle of Black Bat. His progression up to this point has been pretty much on point as he is getting the hang of what he’s been asked to do in order to get what he ultimately wants. This issue seems to be more of him making his mark, and he surely has.

As a relaunch it really does capture how such pulp heroes like Black Bat made it to the top like the rest. All starting with doing what has to be done and earning the public’s confidence in him when the police department consistently loses there’s. Call it cliche, but that’s generally how it works and the way it is executed here makes you feel like it’s as genuine as the classic series. So now you have the Black Bat who is doing what he has to do, and the police department who are as well though their jobs are on the line for being ineffective. He’s making waves and he’s throwing off everyone on all fronts. Consequential for him, but Buccelato shows that occupational hazard.

I do like this bit of mystery surrounding Carol. Since the beginning, her intentions have been very questionable and still are. What she’s hoping to achieve thorough any of this hopefully will be revealed in time, but until then I do like to see how she manages things from the sidelines.

Solid issue, and the Black Bat is becoming a character that you can really enjoy when he comes into the role we expect him to. The hues of the book really do make it feel like its a pulp story and that much I do come to like when I read this book. Doesn’t try too hard, yet is still convincing with those differences.

Score: 8.4/10

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