Marvel Inhumanity: A Question of Mutant and Inhuman Equality

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With the reveal of Marvel Inhumanity coming this December, I think it’s safe to question how Marvel expects to balance the Inhumans issues with the Mutants fight for equality.

“You might learn that your new self is fantastic, beautiful, filled with immense power. By the same token, you could turn around and find out that you’re nothing. You’re a blob. You have no powers. You can create a little flame out of your pinkie.” That’s very cool to expect from this story, but with the conclusion of AvX, it’s hard not to feel like you’re getting the same experience yet from a difference perspective. Yes, their powers are latent and this is more focused on aliens, but it’s mutations nonetheless. It’s not that there’s a problem with two races that are similar, but when one is just barely back from the brink of extinction for another to sweep the world, that’s a bit overwhelming. For the readers and for the heroes who are most likely going to be spread thin to contain this situation.

“It’s giving us a chance to get back to a classic Marvel metaphor of alienation,” he explains. “We’re telling science-fiction stories, but really it’s about race, gender, sexual equality. It’s a very relevant, pertinent metaphor.” This is where the real problem lies. May not be everything the X-Men and mutants all over deal with, but it’s still the same situation. If I had to choose which problem I cared for most, I’d have to say the mutant problem. Unless Infinity or Battle of The Atom changes their status quos leading up to Inhumanity, that’s how I think most readers will look at this event.

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Of course the plot is centered around something like Game of Thrones, but even then comes the politics of it all. With the social class of the Inhumans which hasn’t changed all too much, and the fact that humans are stuck in the middle of this upcoming war, there still has to be the issue of equality which must be addressed eventually. You can only mask those issues for so long before it reaches the surface, and the fact that Inhumans are centered around a Royal Family, whether crumbling or not, still puts them in a position where status means everything. Do they get it easy being Inhumans? Or will they come to suffer the same fate as Mutants who are still fighting for what they deserve at this moment?

The biggest problem is that I think this “event” may be happening a bit earlier than it really should. Especially when we have all these other events which still haven’t happened yet, it’s hard to not be skeptical about what this one brings to the table. If anything it just creates more questions than answers which is unnecessary for readers at this moment. Again I stress that there is no need to ride the wave of hype when something like this is in development. There’s plenty of time after Battle of The Atom to start talking about this and after the events of Age of Ultron which has fans split on reactions, this probably was not the best time for this news. Not to say that it will be bad, but the timing overall feels a bit off and when that’s an issue it’s hard not to see fault where we should be excited.

To emphasize the point here, this is the concerns brought up from the announcement of this event. Of course things might happen along the way to change this perspective, but until then these are those question and concerns which are justified when considering what this story has to offer this December.

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    (July 14, 2013 - 6:39 am)

    I share some of those concerns as well, but I’m glad it’s not a traditional event like AoU & Infinity, apparently it’s more of a banner like how dark reign was, the change is there, some books might touch on it, others might not at all…I guess for me it really depends on how it comes about and how infinity goes…I know that they are trying to create a version of the x-men that they’d actually be able to use in the cinemas, and that move makes sense, as well as dealing with some pretty interesting characters created by the same people that made the x-men…if done correctly, the metaphors can update to reflect today’s Internet age through small subsets and strange influences, to x-men’s civil rights era metaphors….i guess for me it’s all down to how it’s done, with Hickman and Fraction at the reins I’m willing to take the ride though

      Jideobi Odunze

      (July 14, 2013 - 6:52 am)

      Agree with everything you said. I think many do mistake it for an actual event which really would separate it from the rest. It would make sense to that extent and would be best for us to be able to see those reflections. We’ll just have to see what happens as things unfold though I do have high hopes for it with Hickman and Fraction working on it as well.

      Thank you for that response!

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