Opinion: People Do Fear Change


It’s safe to say after these sudden outbursts at the changes to characters portrayed in superhero films that people do fear change.

It’s a common reaction, you have a superhero you grew up with, you follow them, you look up to them, and you want them written the way you know them to be. But when that hero has their time in the spotlight on film, you’d rather the movie not be made at all if it’s not the superhero you care for. That means the right gender, race, ethnicity, and so forth. So when things don’t go your way, is it the writers fault? The director’s fault? Yours? I mean in most cases it will fall upon the latter, but not for the reasons that you find justified.

There many examples of this, but for one that’s recent which better suits this situation is when Andrew Garfield said “And I was like, ‘What if MJ is a dude?’ Why can’t we discover that Peter is exploring his sexuality?  It’s hardly even groundbreaking!…So why can’t he be gay? Why can’t he be into boys?”. Not only did he even say he was joking, but even so he did not deserve the reaction he got from that statement. He should not have had to keep quiet, or keep his opinion to himself. I honestly can’t see how people saw this as anything but a joke. People’s true colors showed from how they reacted to it. I even have a friend on Youtube, well-known for his opinion on comic stuff have his video removed for “harassment”, when he was only giving his opinion in defense of how people were bashing Garfield. How do you support the people who feel threatened by this change when they show this level of immaturity?


I would never mean to offend, but I personally tend to have a problem when people only see what’s on the surface rather than the big picture. Every day there’s news surrounding the movies such as this and what goes on behind the scenes. Nothing he said is fact or will be. My biggest problem at this moment is that people are jumping on Garfield just for this joke and those on the offense about this only present one-sided argument because they only saw what they didn’t like rather than seeing it for what it really was, a joke. Not only this, but those who fear these changes will challenge the prospect of it and will be so content on what they hold so dear to them that they won’t open their mind to more possibilities.

SpiderMan Batman Superman

It’s obvious at this point that it’s the Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man fanbases who create this problem. They lay so much claim to these characters that they remain the same, even to the point where what makes them who they are is dull. The prospect of changing any of their sexual orientations changes nothing about who they are as a human beings. It does so only because the filmmakers will inevitably have to call attention to his sexuality, because a lot of people in our society still treat homosexuality as if it were a plague or something ridiculous of the sort. The ignorance and intolerance displayed this summer alone has been something of a mystery to me and I start to worry about the state of our society as a whole.

Common sense people, lets not turn it into a superpower.

For a writer or director to be able to go above and beyond, they can’t hold your hand with every story they create. They are as much fans as you are to have been chosen for the films they direct. When you don’t agree with the writing, it’s not always the writers fault. It’s just that you don’t want to see the way the character can be portrayed rather than what you want. Its selfish and a bit narrow-minded, again no offense but from someone who tries to keep level-headed that’s how it looks. They have to be given that creative freedom to give you stories that surprise you, make you think, something that can’t be seen on the surface. When readers don’t expect that they fear it and dismiss it. This is a problem, and not to say readers and fans can’t be open-minded, but there can be more effort put into understanding the director’s intentions and focus.

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