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Here’s Analog Addiction’s movie review for Pacific Rim! If you want a movie where giant robots fighting monsters was cool? This is certainly the one for you.

Pacific Rim aims to be that film which has a lot of style, but manages to show just enough substance to overcome what made those other films such as Transformers a mess of a story. This is that film in which if you were a kid playing with toys like this, it was basically brought to life on screen. A fun experience in which both the effects and imagery are just in your face. It has that fantasy element to it which the atmosphere helped you find yourself immersed in the film rather than watching another spectacle. Del Toro delivers on making sure you don’t feel bored as this is a fast paced story that doesn’t waste too much time on things you don’t need to see. After watching this film you have faith that if more like Del Toro put this much effort into this concept of a story, then they have more of a future in Hollywood. If anything this has set the bar for those to come to strive for better.

The one thing you have to ask yourself is if this film can provide me with enough of a story and enough character development to carry the amount of monster-bashing to satisfy my needs as the viewer? And that answer is yes. That is what you get and much more. They have something worth fighting for, they have lost something, and they are fighting for another chance. When you are sitting there watching this you want to see these characters with their backs against the wall, and against all odds come out on top.

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The story is simple and it makes sense. Monsters(Kaijus) are creating chaos all over the world, so humanity made monsters of their own, Jaegers. Of course it wouldn’t be so simple if that was it, so knowing that these Jaegers wouldn’t be enough is a great way to create that sense of urgency in their struggle. This movie is basically about the humans coming back taking the fight to the Kaijus and making their stand. Everything else in between it is entertaining because the characters themselves really stand out on their own. Charlie Hunnam as Raleigh Becket is that guy that you can’t help but like. The underdog who has something to prove to himself when he had lost everything. Idris Elba as Stacker Pentecost really shows that presence like he’s the man in charge. If you’ve seen him in Luther then he has that same amount of energy if not more put into his role which would require so having a lot more to say. Then Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori is that one character with a drive and conviction. She is that hero who also has something to prove, and that includes overcoming her troubled past. Something which adds enough depth to her character to make her a favorite.

Even characters such as Dr. Newton Geizler were perfectly cast to be humorous when most other characters are serious.


What you really come to enjoy are the underlying themes to this story. Those such as empathy, trust, humanity, things that really helped you not only connect with these characters, but learn from them too. As you could see the two pilots had to be linked together and when that happened they could feel each others emotions, see their memories. It adds a sense of connection between the characters that isn’t necessarily forced, but feels natural in terms of human reactions and comprehension. Becket and Mori really sold these themes and it felt real coming from two individuals who put themselves into this situation knowing that they are damaged. Being damaged you know that this connection they have to build between each other is going to be part of the adventure because the only way they can succeed is through trust. One might say it feels like a love story even though there isn’t actually any real love between them.

Overall this is one of those movies that you don’t want to judge as purely action. Yes the effects are stunning, the fight scenes were executed in a manner that most other movies alike failed, and it’s one that you feel was visually a work of art. The casting was on point which was the one thing I personally liked most about this film. It’s not like other action films which spends  too much time with the main character(s) trying to be heroic. Pacific Rim is something different, it’s down to Earth and focused on team-building which you don’t get very often in other films. As any person will say, if you like giant robots going at it full force, then this is the film for you.

The potential for a sequel is definitely there and I think that it would be just as successful if not more.

Score: 4.5/5

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