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Today Analog Addiction has an interview with the ComicBookCast. Well known comic channel on Youtube and well-known comic site.

I’ll start by saying that when it comes to finding that person or set of people to listen to, who have that opinion you care to hear, The Comic Book Cast are among those worthy of your attention. It’s not just about being right, or having the loudest voice. These people you look for are as real as they get and what they tell you comes straight from their heads instead of trying to appease the masses. The Comic Book Cast is one that you may find funny, entertaining, brutally honest.

The Comic Book Cast is run by Armin(who is the one answering the questions to follow) and along side him is Joel, Sean, Tom, Matt, Shae, and Ben.

How did the Comic Book Cast start?
I was bored one day and found a dude looking for someone who knew how to run a podcast, so i spent some money to get a podcast running and recruited people from comic book sites

What is it like working with your team? What is your group dynamic like and how you portray yourselves individually?
Our whole dynamic can be seen in our Riffs and co-op reviews, everyone is equal funny and offensive, no one holds anything back therefore everyone can speak their mind

How do you handle balancing your official site with your Youtube channel? What was the transition like expanding to Youtube?
Site comes 1st since we wanna get a community there of no trolls, YT transition was hard especially since the 1st time we got shut down. and growing a sub base is hard as hell.

Would you say that it’s easier or more convenient to work through videos?
Harder, much harder, audio edit, video, scanning, posting about a 1-2hr per comic process

What do you guys find most entertaining about what you do? It’s easy to see you guys have a lot of passion about Comics, Movies, TV series and so forth.
The BEST part is when someone comes back to us and says “cuz of your review I went and picked up these comics and am now hooked” its a joy to share the love of comic with new people, and when Writers and artists of the comics retweet or react to our review and love them

Now what is the most difficult thing you find about having an opinion that people do listen to and react to? Seems that’s something we can all agree can turn ugly if it’s not what people want to hear.

Seems that people don’t understand opinions, i put mine out there so people can know MINE but they tend to think what i am saying is FACT when it’s not. and worse yet is when they imply their Opinion is correct

Which would you say is your most popular content? A certain piece, series, anything of that sort.
Ultimate Spider-man reviews and Comic Clash that series seems to be loved by almost all of our fans.

What is the future you see for the Comic Book Cast?
Well it’s now my job, soon to recruit more comic reviewers, and in a few years host a live podcast at a con. other than that more dick jokes and offensive topics.


The Comic Book Cast are dedicated to give you an honest opinion on everything comic book related, From MARVEL Comic Reviews to the newest DC Comics Reviews each week we give you all the news and rumors in one place.

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