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Of the many Marvel NOW! titles, Indestructible Hulk is definitely one you can say took a risk and one which made Banner/Hulk a hero you wanted to follow again.

We’re kind of at that point where those like Banner have to do something useful rather than falling prey to the same trends. Part of what made Marvel NOW! pretty successful which was by trying something new and different. I do appreciate Indestructible Hulk. This is that character progression that was meant to be followed and the point in his life where he was to come to this realization.

This here is the point when the Hulk and Banner finally come together as one cohesive unit to do some good for a change. We’ve gone from Incredible to Indestructible because that’s just what they’ve become. This here is what happens when you take a genius, an unstoppable force, and bring them together to kick someone else’s ass for a change instead of fighting each other. Indestructible is the way Banner sees the Hulk now that he has finally accepted that they can’t be separated. Now he has decided to stop viewing the Hulk as part of the problem and start viewing him as a force that could help further his goals. This means making such agreements with S.H.I.E.L.D. to instead aim the Hulk at what needs smashing. They help him utilize the Hulk as a force for good and provide him with the means to invent things which can have a positive impact on mankind’s existence. What more could he ask for when he feels he’s fallen so far behind in the world of science?

Indestructible is about reaching into those depths that Bruce has never ventured. Anything less than 100% is unacceptable to him when he is one of the smartest minds on Earth that really has nothing to show for it. What’s great about this is that it creates tension between him and the rest who he feels are now his competition in terms of recognition.


It’s hard not to love their handle on his character right now. Loved Indestructible Hulk #9 with Daredevil and Hill arguing with how he’s used. You see how the Hulk reacts to people who are generally nice to not only him, but Banner as well. Gives you an idea of how he could have turned out before if people would have avoided taking advantage of him, treating him as a monster, or just making him afraid of his own shadow. Actually love it more how he causes Hill so many headaches, just the back and forth between them. I especially have to mention the issue of A+X in which he outsmarted both Stark and Beast, a priceless moment. Left Tony in awe as Banner beat him at hacking, which not many are able to do. Funny enough they still don’t know it was Banner.

You may even notice that Marvel’s new take on the character may be to an extent based on the movies. As if Bruce Banner of the Avengers film was “The Indestructible Hulk” before the comic came out, and he even goes so far as to explain this. Not the exact quote from the movie, but he does say something along the lines of “I got tired of it all and tried to end it with a bullet. The other guy spit it out. So I realized I can’t kill him and I decided to put my efforts elsewhere. I want to help people.” And that’s why he was across the world helping sick people when SHIELD drafted him to work for them. Doing a similar gig to what he’s got working with Maria Hill in Indestructible Hulk. It’s a great take to see Banner showing some backbone for a change.

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    (July 16, 2013 - 5:25 am)

    I have a couple problems with the book. First, I don’t think we’ve been getting enough of his supporting cast. Second, and more important, it throws away years of character development to put him back in the more “classic” status quo of Dumb Hulk. Hulk has not been dumb for a long time. So Waid making him stupid and mindless, putting him back to “Hulk Smash,” is just disappointing. Especially since we haven’t gotten an explanation for why he’s reverted. With Daredevil, Waid gave us a reason for why Matt’s acting the way he is: It was a conscious decision on Daredevil’s part to be happy. With Hulk, it feels like, “Well, people like the Hulk stupid, so he’s stupid.”

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