Superior Carnage #1Review


Superior Carnage #1

Written by: Kevin Shinick
Art by: Stephen Segovia

Superior Carnage? I know there was a lot of hype for this book and even I was hyped for it as well. Yet this was mediocre at best for a first issue. I really thought there was to be something elaborate, something stunning to make us care that it’s not just another Carnage book with mindless killing, but that is basically what we got a so much less.

Where a great intro into this new story could have made this appealing, it was aggravating and hard to get through with so much dialogue. The narration from that inmate was unnecessary, he was someone we don’t know or care for, and felt forced. And sadly this wasn’t even the worst that this story had to offer. Wizard of all villains is the one behind breaking out Carnage. So much time was wasted with a cliche monologue from him explaining his plans and it was just unbearable. I honestly have no clue what Shinick was trying to do, but it felt as though he wanted to bore us to death. I would have thought they’d learn after Carnage USA to focus more on story than gore, but that really was just wishful thinking.

If you read this book and you find it worth sticking to then by all means it might just be for you. But as many who wanted to give Carnage another shot in hopes that something could be done with him like Venom, you will find yourself very disappointed. I am very disappointed and can’t help but wonder why it deserves the tag “Superior” when it hardly stacks up to the rest.

Score: 5.5/10

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