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Here’s a look at the Kick-Ass 2 panel, where the writers and actors discuss what you will be seeing in the next 4 weeks as Kick-Ass 2 approaches it’s premiere.

It kicks off with Chloe Montez talking about Hit-Girl. Saying there’s a big transition between the way her character plays now that Nicolas Cage’s Big Daddy is gone and she sort of replaces that connection by developing her connection to Kick-Ass. He comes to her for training and they form a serious connection. “Nic’s presence in the movie is still very, very strong,” Chloe says. “He’s sort of this looming figure as Big Daddy.” Chloe says she loves playing characters that are completely opposite of her own personality, listing both Hit-Girl and Carrie as perfect examples.

One thing to mention which is worth pointing out is that the biggest elements from the comic that have been removed are a rape scene and the death of a dog. Something which brought much concern. Also worth pointing out that a Kick-Ass 3 could happen, but they aren’t ready to begin thinking about it yet.

John Leguizamo’s says his favorite scene is where Chris has to clean up his mother’s possessions after she passes away and they come across a large box of adult toys. While Donald’s favorite scene is a massive fight with him and Aaron. He says he had to sleep for 24 hours afterwards while Aaron went directly to work the next day.

That’s pretty much all that was important which was worth mentioning.

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