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With San Diego Comic Con at its end, it’s safe to name what would be considered the best of the announcements. Here is what stood out the most when it comes to Movies, Comics, and TV. In each category we chose the top 3 for each. This is all based off of what created the most buzz and hype among fans.


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  1. Guardians of The Galaxy: This movie has proven so far to be the most obscure. Not just  because it’s a cosmic tale, but the casting as well. A group of misfits who band together to combat threats most of us haven’t heard of yet. It’s because of this that fans don’t know what to expect from this book. It’s certainly not going straight from the books either. This allows viewers more room to guess what is to come of this movie and that is why it has generated the most hype and excitement.
  2. Batman/Superman: Two of pop cultures most recognized icons together for the first time? Who wouldn’t be blown away! Now that everyone is pretty much aware of Batman’s story, they are able to throw him into this new Universe and what better way than with the Man of Steel. This is something for everyone to look forward to because this is the first time you are getting a tag team such as this and you know that it will be something to remember no matter it’s relevance down the road.
  3. Avengers: Age of Ultron: One thing Marvel has really shown they’re capable of is marketing their heroes, movies, and books. Mainly when they announce that the new Avengers movie was Age of Ultron. Not the book by Bendis either. It’s exciting because Ultron is probably the most dangerous villain the Avengers have ever faced and you just know that this new movie will deliver on more than the previous.



  1. Nightcrawler Returns: Nightcrawler, one of the most beloved X-Men amongst fans (and AA Editors) is returning from the dead in Jason Aaron and Ed McGuiness‘ new series Amazing X-Men. Aaron has proven he’s more than worthy to handle an X-Book with Wolverine and the X-Men, while Ed McGuiness is at his best with verbose superheroic  adventure. The cover for issue 1 features among the team, a pirate-looking Kurt (a callback to the much-loved Warren Ellis Excalibur days) and his father, Azazel. While Azazel comes from one of the most despised X-Men arcs of all time, he had one hell of a portrayal in X-Men: First Class. Also: Iceman+Firestar= two thirds of a Spider-Man And His Amazing Friends reunion. Yes.
  2. Superior Spider-Man “Dark Hours”: What more can you say when you pit Superior Spidey against Agent Venom? This is a clash which has been a long time coming. We’ve seen Spider-Man face Venom before, but never when he is being used by someone who actually knows him. Flash sees Spider-Man as his idol, but this isn’t the same Spider-Man that he is finally meeting. This will cause a conflict and one you won’t forget because both have a mean streak going and surely neither are quick to back down from a fight.
  3. Tomb Raider: This new comic series picks up just a few weeks after the end of the game and will serve as an ideal bridge between this year’s game and the forthcoming sequel. Tomb Raider was one of the biggest games this year and brought to life in a comic is something fans of this book should look forward to because it’s not the same Laura that we know when she was grown up. This is still her reaching that potential when know she has and overcoming the many obstacles in her way.



  1. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Easily the most-anticipated show of the Fall, SHIELD is ABC’s first show from Marvel since Disney’s acquisition back in 2009. And judging by the panel at Comic-Con, it was well worth the wait. Show-creator Joss Whedon (Director of a little movie called The Avengers) surprised fans with a screening of the Pilot, which was met with enthusiastic response and features a cameo from Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill. The show now spreads the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the the Televisual Universe, opening a whole new realm of potential comic book cameos and/or spin-offs on the small screen. Heroes For Hire, anyone?
  2. Simpsons Crossovers: News arguably less expected than the Batman/SupermanThe Simpsons will crossover with not only Futurama in 2014, but Family Guy as well. While The Simpsons is no stranger to crossovers (The Critic, Cheers, The X-Files, etc.) merging the edgier comedy (and paler skin) universe of Family Guy seems like no easy feat. Regardless, we look forward to how they pull off the mixed tones between the two clever writing rooms and the personality clashes likely to ensue. As for Futurama, this is a chance for fans to get one last outing for the Planet Express gang, after their cancellation this summer.
  3. Arrow Season 2: A trailer for season two of Arrow revealed that comic book love-interest, Black Canary (Caity Holtz), will make her way to the show. And in fishnets, how purist of her! Footage also showed new addition to the cast, Summer Glau, as Isabel Rochev, giving Oliver Queen some savvy business advice. Her presence on the show seems like a little more than corporate consolidation, as we expect she’ll have a very suspicious Miranda Tate-esque double-life. Bringing in more comic book characters with Black Canary, Rochev and the continued presence of Colton Haynes as Roy Harper, a shared DC Universe seems more and more likely, especially in light of the Batman/Superman announcement.

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