Template #1 Review

TEMPLATE-1-CoverTemplate #1

Written by: Quinton Miles
Art by: Andres Quezada

Very interesting story. This dove straight into the story and personally I felt drawn in from the start. The story isn’t hard to follow and I’d add that it gets straight to the point as well without veering off into a different direction. It’s a well paced introduction that takes time to make sure it’s understandable.

Beta is that kind of character that while you don’t fully get her, you know that she is someone who you will grow to like. You get these kind of characters who are just soldiers who do as their told, and the one thing that stands out among them is that sense of curiosity which will lead them to a different path. They want her to be someone that she really doesn’t know or care to be like. She wants to be better and do things her way. And it’s not just her actions that are questionable, it everyone else who has been introduced as well because it looks like they all have something that makes trust a variable. This includes Beta’s connection to Hayden which you could assume could grow into something more down the road.

While we don’t much about Alpha exactly other than the little said about her, she does make a compelling villain knowing that what Bryce is plotting with Beta is what she rebelled against and now wants to take down.

The art style really fits the tone of this book which seems to be quite mysterious. You get the gist of the situation but you know that there’s more to it that is slowly unfolding as you progress. The shadows and the expressions as there is a definite focus on their expressions, mainly Beta.

Score: 8.4/10

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