AA’s Comic Panel of The Week: 7/31

AA Panel copyWelcome to AA’s Comic Panel of The Week. We choose our favorite from the new releases that week which stood out the most. Check out this weeks below!

*Spoilers Beware*

We have chosen this panel from Uncanny X-Men #9. We finally see Cyclops and the gang confront Alison about moving against them. It was a picture perfect moment to see Cyclops call her an Uncle Tom because that is just the world the live in and what you’d call someone like her in this kind of situation. You can really see that stung her badly. Probably the dose of reality she needed at that point.

Uncanny X-Men v3 009-014

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    (August 3, 2013 - 6:27 am)

    Much as I love Scott, I do think that was unfair of him. I did like Alison’s response. And I loved the entire confrontation between them, for how remarkably calm and civil it was. I mean, Alison and Emma just said “Hey” to each other. One is tasked with hunting down and arresting the other, and when they meet up, it’s a totally casual, “Hey, Emma.”

    UXM had a lot of really good panels this week. But the meeting between Alison and Scott’s team was my favourite moment of the week. Though Jubilee’s line in X-Men, “His name is Shogo Lee. Don’t wear it out.” was another awesome one. So heart-warmingly Jubes.

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