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It’s odd, but as a someone who enjoys titles from both Marvel and DC, I’m just not seeing the hate that DC Comics has been receiving.

I understand that some people want to see the publisher they support most thrive, but there comes a point where you have to ask yourself what you’re doing to help them thrive. You could defend them and say we have this and that, though what about everything else? The problem that has arisen is that the same people who will defend DC for having these books will also criticize them for what they don’t have. There are even those who will criticize those top books because they aren’t meeting their standard. It just turns into a mess of readers who aren’t satisfied with what they are given. Readers need to take a step back and take a step outside of their comfort zone. That is the only way to experience something new, something that will show you that there is more to enjoy than what you consistently expose yourself to.

If it wasn’t for the New 52, I would have never been able to get into DC comics. Sure it’s all the fans favorite heroes rebooted and not “exactly” what they grew up with, but I understand that it’s what they had to do to keep sales going. Justice League Dark, The Ravagers, Suicide Squad, Superboy, not what most invest their time into reading but I came to find entertaining when I started keeping up with the New 52. Unless these books or all of them have to meet some standard then I do believe that people are missing the point of what makes comics exciting as a whole. Yes we have Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Justice League, Green Lantern, yet there’s so much more out there. So much more that you are ignoring for something of more popularity. Popularity does not equal quality and those that are lesser known could be just as great if not more, but only if given the chance by readers.

Then they even gave you books that are different. Something different from what you get out of the Justice League members or anyone from the Bat Family. They gave the fans those books like Dial H, Demon Knights, The Movement, Threshold, a few others as well, and they were ignored. To the point that they became cancelled and now rage is throw at DC when they didn’t show those books enough support. You could say that DC has quality books such as Wonder Woman, Flash or Batman, but in this case specifically, those are quality books that most would probably pick up over something like The Movement or Threshold which I enjoy. Why? Because that’s what everyone else is reading. No one wants to take a risk on those books that no one really gives as much attention to. I mean why not? It’s not as if DC themselves are taking a risk on these books hoping to give you the readers more options. If they can do that, why can’t you?

I honestly would like to know what the problem is really because it happens very often whether Marvel or DC and a little more appreciation for what is in front of you isn’t too much to expect. I mean Marvel NOW! was given a hard time as well, way before the first book was even released for it. Yet now people are happy with what they’re getting. Whether they’re being more creative or allowing writers more creative freedoms, the fact that any writer from Marvel and DC is trying to be creative in these times should be acknowledged.

All I can say in the end is not to condemn the people who provide you with the key to a world you yourself thrive from. Don’t shut yourself out because you aren’t willing to open yourselves to everything that is offered to you.

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    (August 7, 2013 - 7:16 am)

    I feel like the main problem at DC right now is their editorial offices….as a longtime fan of Marvel & DC, I was primarily a Marvel fan growing up, until I got to be a teenager and couldn’t waste time or money on the books anymore in the late 90s, which might have been a good thing because it was around this time that things went off the rails for Marvel editorial….horror stories abound about plots being dictated, stories changed at the last moment, and creators generally being thrown to the wolves and kinda disrespected….among this, we still got great runs like Morrisons on New X-Men, but then everything he did was erased from existence….also around this time, marvel knights started w/ a stable of some of the best up & coming and current talent that comics had to offer, putting out some of the best work of their careers….left to their own devices, upstarts like Brian Bendis and proven talent like Paul Jenkins pretty much wrote the stories they wanted to tell, because marvel saw these books not selling anyway, so saw no need for editorial interference….as the years ran on, these guys rose in the ranks and created the environment that Marvel is succeeding in these days: creative freedom, interlocking titles and stories, and most importantly, little editorial interference….after all, if you hire talented writers and artists to create something, why not let them create something? Take their ball and run with it so to speak, and the results have mainly been great….DC on the other hand had a big shakeup in jobs around the new 52 relaunch, and a lot of these people had a wild hair to keep writing and dictating stories to their younger upstart writers, essentially turning them into scriptors….Then we run into books going off the rails left and right, the number of creators walking off books or airing out grievances has now turned into a low double digit number, and that just reflects poorly. To have some of the best talent the industry has to offer, and then to rein them in, just seems unfair, and it makes you wonder what the new 52 would look like if they were to take a page out of marvel circa 2013s play book instead of marvel circa 2003s….there are exceptions to the rule though, guys like Scott Snyder seem to have free reign on their books, and it shows in the quality….this seems to be akin to a larger scale, less connected version of the marvel knights situation, where guys like he & lemire could totally turn their company around creatively in a few years, as long as the editorial reigns are loosened….I will not deny that DC is putting out some great books these days, but I wonder how much better their lineup would be if all creators were afforded the freedom that Snyder & Johns are….Your article raises some very interesting points on the matter for sure, I for one can’t wait to see what Greg Pak does on Action Comics….I really feel like he can really knock that franchise up in terms of quality, and he’s got me excited for superman books for the first time since a certain doomsday was rearing his ugly mug

      Jideobi Odunze

      (August 7, 2013 - 7:30 am)

      This is actually the response I’ve wanted to hear as well because while I saw where things have gone right, I have not seen how things have gone wrong since I’m post New 52. So now I have a better understanding as to where they’re coming from. I mean like you said, they can do better and the issue is the editorial offices. I guess right now we got to have patience with them because with the raised concerns going about, they’re most likely to make some changes along the way.


        (August 8, 2013 - 5:58 am)

        You hit the nail on the head, they are making big strides to make the changes necessary to fix these issues, just looking at the creative slate from now compared to last year, there are still creators leaving books here and there, but they seem to be doing it in a more positive manner, that coupled w/ listening to the fans on something like getting Pak for superman makes their future look much brighter than it did this time last year….it happens on both sides, but comics is one of the only mediums where fans have these allegiances that they hide behind, keeping them from experiencing the full breadth of what the books have to offer…if you think about it, this doesn’t happen to film, imagine if we lived in a world where people were big fans of Warner bros and would only watch their movies? It would be insane to even think of, which is why different companies can put out different kinds of movies, whereas the division in comics is one of the main reasons that we only get so many favors of superhero stories and not much else…there are so many great books these days, more than there ever have been, and it’s only growing…this coupled w/ the acquisition of so many comic properties for films will hopefully lead to a bright and prosperous future for the big two and all great indie books

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