Looking at The Shared World of Marvel NOW!


One of the promises that was made about Marvel NOW! before it began was that it would show a more connected Universe within each books progression. Now let’s see if they kept up with that promise.

Now of course when I say “shared world”, your mind automatically goes to the Cinematic Universe, or DC’s Shared Universe, but that is not the case here. With the events of AvX, it had to have some impact on the Marvel Universe. Forget about your opinion of the event as a whole, the biggest focus is on what it opened up our world to with its conclusion. It opened up the doors to a new line of titles in which in some way they would have a connection to one another. Big, small, it doesn’t matter, but you would have the idea that everything going on at that very moment is in synch with the rest of the Marvel Universe and that every action had some impact.

Starting with the X-Men. Now we see that they are getting more attention from the rest of the world. No longer are the ignored and their issues are now being addressed. This means that there is a connection between Uncanny Avengers, Uncanny X-Men, and All New X-Men. All three books now deal with the mutant issue and have some influence on each other knowing that each side of this story has its own way of approaching this issue. Then we have New Avengers and Avengers which have tied in as we now enter “Infinity”. What both stories center around and deal with have an impact on the other because of Age of Ultron. Guardians of The Galaxy even tie into this as Angela heads to Earth to take the fight to whoever caused the break in the time-continuum and trap here in the 616 Universe. It could even be something so small as the Young Avengers asking the Uncanny Avengers for help.

There’s much more and you wouldn’t even consider the fact that it’s a shared world till you notice all these interactions and consequences. I like this because now you actually see that what the heroes do have some effect on everybody else. We are even still in phase one of Marvel NOW!, so we can expect there to be more other than what is seen now. People may complain about comic events and having too many tie-ins, but they do so for a reason. These events connect the world when they seem divided. They put characters where they need to be and they help with some of their transitions to the next chapters in their lives. I see that as a smart move. Yes heroes do deserve to be on their own or not be influenced by the world around them. Yet, when you ask for something real, then you should also ask what the real world repercussions are to being a hero.

It’s a great start and to those who don’t notice what their aim is, take some time to really go back and put the pieces together. This is why it is great to expose yourself to the many books out there because when you think of a world of heroes, that is what Marvel NOW! is shaping up to be. And I do know that money is tight for many readers out there today in order to manage the many overlapping storylines, but talking to other readers as well gives you an idea of what is really going on in the books you read.

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