Avengers #17 Review

Avengers v5 017-000

Avengers #17

Written by: Jonathan Hickman and Nick Spencer
Art by: Stefano Caselli

Expansion, that has been the one thing stressed since the very beginning. As complex as Hickman’s storytelling may be, he surely shows to have a plan for the future. This issue looks to be about putting the pieces in place, even for A.I.M. as well who seem to be the most clever opportunists. Even though the Avengers do find themselves between a rock and a hard place, this is the type of situation you want to see them in. Facing something that is bigger than them all, and something that takes their combined efforts.

Manifold is that one character who has really shined in this series. Not only as a mutant, but one who has a unique gift as well. It’s not everyday that the Avengers get their own teleporter and Hickman took advantage of the opportunity to use one. He served to both make transitions from scene to scene fluent, and in this particular issue is was pretty awesome to see him in action. I’d say that the collaboration of Stefano, Marco R., and Marco C. really made that moment one to remember. The effects, colors, detail, everything.

As the Prelude to Infinity, the team set up was the best way to end it. Sure it was predictable as to who they were going to recruit in the end, but just the fact that they did shows progression. The one fear for this book had always been the pacing, but Hickman surely has proven that he is capable of handling this storyline which also managed to unravel itself as it was filled with mystery in the beginning.

Score: 8.8/10

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