Black Bat #4 Review

The Black Bat 004-001

Black Bat #4

Written by: Brian Buccellato
Art by: Ronan Cliquet

That gave me the chills. When you ask for an intro to a hero, that was what I wanted to see. That narration in the beginning as Black Bat found himself facing six guns pointed at him was what I have been waiting to read since I first picked up this book. You have his motivation as Black Bat, his tragedy, his mistakes, everything laid out for you to understand Tony.

Though anyone could ask that being an old hero that they jump straight into his story without starting him at the very beginning, it’s not really necessary. Black Bat might be a hero some are aware of, but when brought back in this manner you have to be able to allow new readers a chance to get to know him the same way old readers have. Buccellato really does know what he’s doing with this character, building him up through trial and error which you’d expect from a vigilante. Something so simple as only trusting people closest to him or only himself is not something he was aware of going into this. If there was a rule book it would probably say to trust no one but yourself, but this is basically a new world he has found himself in.

Then there’s the two watching him as he does his job. Carol Baldwin has an angle, something to gain from using Black Bat, and I enjoy that it’s still being kept a secret because when you have a wild card like her it’s easy to forget when something unexpected will occur.

Score: 8.8/10

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