The Legend of Luther Strode #6 Review

 The Legend of Luther Strode 006-000

The Legend of Luther Strode #6

Written by: Justin Jordan
Art by: Tradd Moore

A graphic conclusion to a tale that really took things to a level I didn’t expect when first getting into this story. What I really love about this story is that Justin Jordan let loose on the concept of who Luther is. Never once in this book did I not feel that there was a bunch of super strong guys trying to tear each other apart. Not once did I not feel as if they couldn’t just flick me in the head and not decapitate me.

This story was brutal and in the best way possible. You may call it ridiculous, but that is what this delivered on and for a mature book that is thrilling. Honestly with so much action you’d think that you’d get bored, but everything is so fluent that you remain engaged throughout. This includes how the characters were drawn. It’s as if Moore really took the time to learn the human anatomy because you could see the extent of his knowledge on every panel. The masculine nature of Luther, the flexibility of Jack, and the carnage left by Jack in the mall.

Not a book for everyone, but for those that it was for? I find this to be a step up from the first volume and Justin really didn’t seem like he was afraid to take the gloves off to turn this up. Not a single punch was pulled and what you wanted to see was a fist making contact with another’ face. This was an amazing conclusion to the mini series and with the ending, I can only hope that this story can continue in the future.

Score: 8.6/10

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