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Today’s comic recommendation is Dynamite’s femme fatale, Miss Fury. Just one of the many pulp books out there that you have to be crazy not to pick up.

Miss Fury is one of the many pulp heroes out there that Dynamite Entertainment has brought back in a new light. The story is set in 1943 where Marla Drake is the daughter of a rich aristocrat and was sent to spend some time in the jungles of Kenya. After the natives grant her superhuman powers through a magic potion and ritual, she returns back to America and dons a disguise that is her Miss Fury outfit and performs robberies to create her own fun and save her from her boredom. She is seen taking out some mobsters that are in reality, secret Nazi agents that are able to control time to a degree and are trying to attack the U.S. from within. Marla then heads off to attempt the robbery of a crown but is sucked into a portal that sends her into the future year of 2013 where the United States is now being attacked by the Nazis.

MissFury01-09Miss Fury has lots of righteous rage, and anger is her one true power. What makes her story special is that they took this original super-heroine from the 1940s into 2013 and the future in a time-travel adventure like no other. This book definitely lives up to her name. Miss Fury surely doesn’t hold back when it comes to delivering on the action, that much Rob Williams has made sure of in this book. From 1942, to 2013, and then to the future. The man without time? Try the woman without time and she manages to do so in a more exciting fashion.

When you ask for that book that represents a strong female lead? This is that book I’d recommend you to pick up. Marla is a very active and capable individual that can more than hold her own against any opposition. Rob Williams created a great angle on her character that will keep you hooked. She’s no Black Widow, Black Cat, or Wonder Woman in general. This is someone you see jump into an army of guys who clearly outgun her and give them hell. It’s not as if she ever comes out unscathed either, you see her struggle and you see that fury which makes her name.

It has great momentum and Miss Fury is someone you really come to enjoy for the fact that she if I may say is very hardcore. Does what has to be done, straight to the point and has a strong presence as someone with a troubled past. The part of her which really stands out is through her narration because you gets to see what makes her tick. She has a craving for excitement that makes you feel as if the story is an adrenaline rush. Sure you might get a bit confused by some aspects of the time travel and the transitions, but it’s a state of confusion that you’d actually come to love. Marla is a smart woman, she may throw herself into fights too quickly, but all the same very smart and it shows. The art is very smooth. It looks clean, bold, vibrant, while still matching the time periods that Miss Fury finds herself in.

Miss Fury has a good pacing, great direction, a unique style, and continues to pick up in intensity. So much to expect from this book, but I believe it can deliver. Next to The Shadow I think this is one book you are missing out on if you are not reading it right now.


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