Thoughts on The Guardians of The Galaxy Leaked Trailer

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Here’s what I thought of the Guardians of The Galaxy leaked trailer, what we saw of it that is. If you have not seen it, then stop here and go see it now HERE.

What we saw of the trailer was simply amazing. If you had any doubts about this film pulling off a comedic feel, then this has assured you that you can now be very excited. It looks as if they are taking queues from the Marvel NOW! title which has a lot of humor. Humor that is what makes it one of the most fun books that you should be reading from Marvel NOW! right now, if not you’re missing out.

Rocket looks awesome as you see the CGI is not heavy at all and of course he is the same ballistic trigger happy character you remember. You also see Groot in action and he looked stunning as well. From what we see, they are all arrested for whatever it is they did in this story, and that plays on them being galactic misfits. It was hilarious and fitting to see John C. Reilly be the one to call them out as the Guardians of The Galaxy and joke about it which is something that many have done before as they don’t look the part.

This is going to be an intense cosmic tale which many should anticipate knowing it’s Marvel’s biggest risk which could turn out to be their most promising adventure as of yet.

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