Unpopular Opinion: In Defense of Ultimatum


This here as the title says is an unpopular opinion. It is well-known by now the negative reception that Ultimatum has received from the comic community. It’s almost a taboo to say anything good about this event, and yet here I am as a reader who actually liked it for what it is.

Just about everything and anything has been said about this event. Everything from being one of the worst comics they have ever read, the ultimate nightmare, lazy for its use of shock value, unnecessarily violent, inconsistent, unoriginal. Yeah, people hated it that much. But from my perspective I feel that people weren’t prepared for what they were picking up. They got way more than they bargained for. I think when readers picked up this book they weren’t prepared to face the reality of the Ultimate Universe. It was obvious as the event started off well received and then “losing steam” throughout.

Ultimatum wallpaperThe Ultimate Universe was supposed to do what 616 could not, bring in a new audience. It was supposed to be able to attract new readers with a new approach to the same heroes in a way that they would find more appealing, refreshing as well. This isn’t the hopeful world that was created for the 616 Universe, this is a world built around the need for heroes when the world is driven into anxiety because due to fear of the superhuman. This is a world where they aren’t afraid to pull the trigger on a hero you like, they aren’t going to pull back punches, and they surely aren’t going to censor mature content the same way. I think that when Ultimatum came around, readers forgot all of this and that is what led to their disappointment.

What readers failed or refused to acknowledge was the reason that Marvel had to go this route, and they did so with reason. First of all, the writers and artists assigned to these books were handling multiple titles at the same time. This created a situation in which something had to give or the quality of their work would suffer. It already was with the Ultimate titles and that is what lead to their sale stagnating as well. That is something to keep in mind when wondering why they would kill off so many of these heroes. I mean did you expect that they’d continue the Ultimate line and have these heroes floating about unrecognized? It was either drop all those titles and suffer more inconsistencies down the road or kill them off. For them it was a great business move because allowing these writers/artists room to focus on books from the 616 Universe is what helped ease them on the path to Marvel NOW!. Looking back now, do you want to condemn Marvel for the event itself? Or do you want to look at the big picture and see that the real importance is the opportunities this event opened up for Marvel as a whole?


For the longest time now, the world has been thrown into chaos and those heroes who still stand after Ultimatum are all that stands between order and injustice by those who wish to take advantage of their new opportunities. This is everything from H.Y.D.R.A. to Reed Richards, to Hulk, and fights within their own personal lives which makes a new tomorrow all the more bleak for them. You all got a new Ultimate Spider-Man(Miles), and this series is more than likely to lead to a spark in new heroes for the Ultimate Universe. That is something to take from this because right now there’s three quality books out that have a focus which will likely lead to future titles, it’s very possible at this moment due to Age of Ultron.

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