Justice League of America #7 Review

Justice League of America (2013-) 007-000

Justice League of America #7

Written by: Geoff Johns
Art by: Jeff Lemire

Part four of Trinity War and things have gone from bad to worse. Geoff Johns has really shown us why this ends with the heroes failure. Not only are they divided, lost on the true threat, or those behind it all, they are fighting against each other over something that they should all be trying to stop as a unit. Loyalties and trust is tested and lost, this is the best way to shake up the DC Universe as the New 52’s first big event.

What you get from this story so far is how seriously they are all taking this. The kid gloves are off and when it comes to someone they respect like Superman, there is no doubt in your mind that those that they find on their bad side are going to be met with some hostility. Even as things become clearer, truths come out that lead to internal conflicts that set them all back when those like the Secret Society take advantage to stay one step ahead of the game.

As some pointed out, the art style was inconsistent which was a small issue for me. It looked very nice, clean, and halfway that changed into something of less quality that it started out as. Not to say that how it looked that second half was bad, but when the previous looked better, that’s a problem.

Aside from this things are now coming into perspective and now there is a clear direction when everything up to now was a wild goose chase or a mystery. It was one thing for Superman to touch Pandora’s Box, or for Pandora herself to allow someone as evil as Lex to touch it, but when it ends up in the hands of Wonder Woman, things are going to go bad for those who try to stop her. She was basically right, and now being corrupted by the one thing she set out to destroy without knowledge of what it can do is where everyone is going to find blame.

Score: 8.3/10

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