Marvel 616, Home of The Spider-Men


It’s no surprise by now that Miles Morales is headed to the Marvel Universe. And with his arrival makes five Spideys that are roaming the Marvel 616 Universe and all having their impact on it.

Cataclysm Ultimate Spider-ManThat means we now are to have Kane(Scarlet Spider), Agent Venom, Superior Spidey, Spider-Man 2099, and Miles Morales. Not a single one are actually Peter Parker, and as far as we know, they all are making a permanent residence here in this world. Now why do I say home of the Spider-Men? Because there was in fact a Spider-Family, one which has withered away over the past years, and now it seems they are starting what could possibly replace that old family. Now the only one who could bring some sense to all this is Madame Web, who sadly is still in a coma. I mean Marvel I should hope has some plans to bring her back sometime soon.

Bleeding Cool has also pointed out that Miles might be making his debut in a “regular” Marvel title sooner rather than later, as the solicitation for Mighty Avengers #3 reads: A plague of demons is raging through Manhattan, and the only Avenger who can defeat them is… Spider Hero? What? Seriously, who is that guy?

So expect come November that the regular “Ultimate” titles will be replaced with new limited series bearing the heading “Cataclysm,” and this will mark his departure to the 616 Universe along with others as well who we are not certain of yet.

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