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Did Kick-Ass 2 succeed in being just as exciting if not more than the first? I’d have to say yes it did and more.

Kick-Ass 2 displays what happens when you aren’t apologetic about the prospect of superheroics. Like the first movie, this was not about the action, it was the context of it all. Jeff Wadlow does what no other director does when it comes to superhero films, he has fun with the ideology of them. Not once did I feel that this film fell short of trying to keep me engaged. The humor stuck as expected from what we got in Kick-Ass, especially from Christopher Mintz Plasse as Chris D’Amico. He had to be the star of this film because of his over the top acts to get revenge against Kick-Ass. Id be lying to myself if I didn’t think he is a contender for one of the best villains I’ve seen on-screen. From the very beginning this film started off strong, and that pacing carried on all the way through to the end.

JFYou ask for a cast with great dynamic? That is what you got here. Everyone from Kick-Ass to Javier was relatable in their own way. When I look at the cast and the characters they portrayed, they looked like they had fun with their roles. This translated on-screen as you could see how fun it is to put on those costumes and be someone new. Not one of them really didn’t stand out and they did so more than their comic counterparts. Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Dave provided that need to answer a higher calling, had the most serious role, yet did not let that keep him from taking it too seriously. Mindy represented that code of conduct that every hero follows whether real or fake. What any superhero who just started out would want to live up to is what she stood for, and what Big Daddy stood for as the worlds first superheroes. Chloë Grace Moretz really shined as an older Hit-Girl which was a fear seeing how she still looked pretty young in the book. Jim Carrey as Colonel Stars and Stripes shows that despite the violence they create that they can still have a sense of morality and values. It’s something to appreciate coming from someone who tried to distance himself from the film publicly. Chris shows the true consequences of the actions you take, everything that can go wrong in a world full of sueprheroes stems from someone like him who tries to fight against it. When you first see Justice Forever perform their first act of heroism as a group, it was such an amazing moment and I knew right there that the movie could only get better which it did.

kick-ass-2-hit-girl-vs-mother-russia-fight-teased-in-featurette-previewThe one thing to look forward to is the showdown between Hit-Girl and Mother Russia. Nothing like the comics, but the way it was handled was so much better than you could expect. When they say this is the most intense part, it surely was. The approach to every moment in this book was so different that you’d feel as if you were watching something different. Saying this in the best way possible because it allowed freedom to play with the story and try something new which fit better.

When you see the rise in real life heroes out there, this movie is the best representation you can find. There was no glorification of violence, heck they even cut out everything violent that could have offended you from the comics. They gave you the real world on a silver platter. The world isn’t perfect, you can’t depend on those in power to protect you. Sometime you have to take the fight to them or take a stand. This shows you how they are all people under these masks. Real people who live in a world with real life consequences. The theme of consequences was the one thing which was emphasized heavily throughout the movie and it’s something to appreciate. What you really come to enjoy are the underlying themes to this story. Trust, courage, conviction, loyalty, duty, morality. Even with all the cursing it was something that Colonel Stars and Stripes was against. You’re not learning how to be violent or do what they are doing, you are learning what not to do and the right way to approach similar situations.

In the end Kick-Ass 2 has shown the world what it means to be a superhero. As a superhero film and not just a sequel, it has taken the essence of what we as fans see as the dream to put on a costume and do some good in the world. Don’t judge this film in comparison to the first movie. You hurt your own understanding of this film when you do this. See it as a new world which was open with what took place at the end of Kick-Ass. A world where the people in the cinematic world appreciate the prospect of superheroes the same way we do. If you find any real flaws then you looked into this film more than necessary. Anything and everything was right on the surface for you to understand and the themes were straight forward. I think this could contend with any Marvel movie out there because Kick-Ass 2 stood for something that we believe in as comic readers and fans of superheroes and made it a reality. No superpowers, nothing too ridiculous, everything down to Earth and as much as it can be.

I also have to add that if you see this film, you are hurting yourself by not staying till the end credits. There’s always end credits and like any others this one is just as funny if not shocking.

Score: 5/5

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