3 Things Trinity War Has Done Better Than Civil War

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From the progression of Trinity War thus far, you sort of get that feeling as if you were reading Civil War. Not a bad thing, but as you realize this and with how great the story has been so far, you kinda draw those comparisons as to where Trinity has gone right in comparison. Not to say Civil War is bad because it is still one of Marvel’s best events, but nothing’s perfect.

  1. Trinity War is more condensed. The problem with any event is finding a cast of characters involved which doesn’t turn it into one huge cluster. So far Trinity war has done right by it only involving the three Justice League teams. With only 4 issues in and some tie-ins, it has already created many interactions without feeling as though heroes are just thrown in for a quick appearance. Now not only the cast but the duration of the event in which Trinity War also is condensed allowing it to stay on track without filler issues. The condensed story made for great pacing which you could only hope remains consistent till the very end.
  2. The two sides of the split Justice Leagues are divided on their views in a way that is more fair to readers who take one side over the other. It’s still a civil war amongst the heroes as to who is right, but no one is really wrong in how they went about approaching the situation. Sure same could be said for Marvel Civil War, but there was still more pressure to side with Cap because his sided defended heroes rights.
  3. More emotion put into the story because while they are all fighting for a different approach to finding the route of the evil which corrupted Superman, they are all doing it out of respect for Superman. No one is acting out of selfish reasons and they all have reasonable motivations for the actions they take. It allows for more room towards diplomacy rather than constant fighting which would drag the story out longer than it should. A lot of the most heart-felt moments came from something genuine, something that flowed rather than through the use of shock. That is something which Trinity War has managed to step away from.

Bare in mind that this does not represent a statement that one is better than the other. It is a simple comparison of approaches to a situation that divided both heroic communities. Where one did better the other could also in a different respect.

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