Could Iron Man: Godkiller Bring An End to Infinity?


Could the Iron Man: Godkiller be a premeditated set up for the end of Infinity?

For those of us who have been reading Iron Man: The Secret Origins of Tony Stark, Recorder 451 has been preparing Tony to pilot the Godkiller which he intended to use to protect Earth. Now considering the power of this giant and ancient weapon, it could possibly be the deciding factor in ending a war which has only just begun. If someone like Recorder 451 has knowledge of such forces which could possibly require the need of this kind of weapon, could his end goal not be for it to save them when they are in time of trial?

We are not just talking Thanos, we are talking forces which all finally see Earth as the threat it really is and one to itself as well. Not only this but a hunter from the Heavens with unimaginable power, incursions, and a system which wants to force evolution on Earth which includes their extinction. What could stop them in their tracks? The Godkiller.


Could be a long-shot knowing that this storyline is not over yet though just about anything could happen at this point. I mean up to now he is still never exactly where you see him, always an empty suit. Tony could find himself relying on it given how tired he is of end of the world scenarios.

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