Judging Films Based on Sequels


What I have come to notice is that when movie goers judge a newly released film and it’s a sequel, there’s too much emphasis put on whether it succeeds the previous film. I don’t think that’s the proper way to look at these films.

When you look at a comicbook film and compare the sequel to the film before, are you doing so with the intention of demeaning what the other set out to accomplish? I watch them with the belief that I’m watching them as if I’m reading a comic book. They aren’t one clustered story, its like reading two issues that are case of the day. Same movie, different story. If I saw Avengers 2 right now, I give my opinion on it based on what actually happened in the film. I wouldn’t say that it wasn’t as funny as the first, darker than it, longer than it, or even just bigger. When you look for a sequel that is great, it shouldn’t make you think of the first movie. For the purpose of understanding the direction of the movie, the movie that came before should be what you address when thinking of comparing it’s story. Anything else is just unnecessary and when I see reviews where they spend more time comparing the sequel to what came before, you see that their focus wasn’t where it was supposed to be. When you step into the theater you should be able to walk in as if this is something new you are watching without holding expectations that are set too high.avangers ca

It didn’t really occur to me that this was an issue till Kick-Ass 2 came out. One of the best superhero films to come out and most spent so much time debating whether it was best than the first or comparing it to the first instead of looking at it as it stands. The first movie was a great introduction into the world they belong to, but Kick-Ass 2 opened the doors to a new world and one which wasn’t as grim as the one the left behind. It was a whole new experience and one which both had fun and reinforced the ideology of superheroics. The first movie provided the question and explored it. So why spend so much time comparing it to the first film? Are you expecting to feel the same about it? Because those are the kind of expectations that can ruin a movie for you.

TDKR_Batman_posterEven to go as far as to use The Dark Knight Trilogy as an example of this. When I see each film, I see something different, something one offered which the other did not. Most of the time I look at it and would forget it was even a trilogy because of how well each film did on their own. The world was never quite the same and the general atmosphere was never quite consistent enough to say one was really better than the other or let how you felt about one influence your opinion of the rest. For those that do, they hurt themselves because they don’t see that each tells a different story, and no matter how connected they feel, it’s the start of something new.

At this very moment, you look at most opinions on movies like Kick-Ass 2, and majority of the comments involve comparing it to the first film. Is there really much need for that rather than to force upon discussion as to who is right? When you have an argument about a film like Kick-Ass 2, why must the topic always be which who liked which better between the first and the second. Viewers should be able to see them for what they are and not what they think it should be based on what they have already been exposed to. It’s not always how these kind of movies go and every person experiences something different.

You’re not going to get the same sense of surprise when it comes to sequels. Some can pull it off but your expectations are set too high if that is a real disappointment for you. When the story and direction has already been established, you can only expect to see how events play out as a whole. I mean these days everybody likes to complain about the use of shock value, which is just a more exaggerated form of a surprise. Funny how what you hate most is what you actually want to see. It just creates that atmosphere where you really can’t satisfy the viewers and that is why it is so hard for movies to succeed the way that they should. They should be viewed for what they are, not as the next masterpiece to succeed the first, but as another chance to find yourself entertained. Losing sight of that for one second is all it takes to ruin the experience for you. It’s just not worth it.

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