Toughest Pound For Pound Superhero in Comics?


Your first thought would be if I mean physically, and this is targeting those through their emotional experiences. Now considering all the heroes out there and what they mean to people, I couldn’t just pick one, and certainly even the ones I select shouldn’t be taken as fact.

So the three I have chosen are Spider-Man, Batman, and Cyclops. Here are my reasons why;



The hero that defines selfless sacrifice, morals, values, and shows those traits everyday. The hero that we as fans can learn from and relate to. Peter Parker was created to mirror the things that teens went through such as rejection, loneliness, shyness, inadequacy, and in general being troubled. The whole basis about Peter is seeing someone who falls so hard yet is still able to pick them self back up. Being that one hero who started out young, Peter has grown over the years. Troubled teen, struggles as a photographer for the Daily Bugle, and now the hard life of a scientist working for Horizon Labs. He has been there and so much more. This is what makes him that every-day hero, the tragedy of his life despite his success as a superhero. More so you could call him the poster-boy for superheroes, that’s how much of an influence he has in his own world and ours.

Someone like Peter represents the core of what it means to be a superhero. What it means to put that mask on everyday knowing the consequences and dealing with them knowing it’s his responsibility.



Batman came to be because of tragedy. The loss of his parents to people who bring about fear to the defenseless. He may not be a Superhero, but he is a hero that inspires. If he can try and make a change why can’t everyone else? Stand up to the arseholes of the world, fight back against the injustices. You like Batman because he has flaws, at times he’s selfish, he’s probably as mad as the Joker and he puts fear into those who take advantage of the weak. Yes he may be cold and comes off as a loner, but he has lost those close to him, he has seen the worst, and he sees the worst in humanity when those  in power are too naive. Gothamn is a city full of murderers, killers, and psychotic madmen who would watch the world burn, only Batman has the audacity to stare them in the face and bring them justice. This is someone who has no powers and dares to rise to the occasion in a world full of gods among men. These are heroes who on their own could detroy the world, yet someone like Batman  has the skill and the intelligence to meet them halfway and beyond. When you walk down the street and see someone being robbed, you think of yourself like Batman to take the initiative to help that person instead of turning the other cheek.


cyclops new2

Since his graduation as one of Xavier’s original five X-Men, Cyclops has been in leadership ever since with every mutant falling on his every word. It wasn’t enough that he had to protect mutants from the constant threat of extinction, but when Scarlet Witch caused their numbers to dwindle to a mere 200, the time for this boy scout to man up and take responsibility for what was now his duty. Cyclops became the militant leader of an almost extinct race that faced the threat of their foes wanting to get rid of what was left of them. This made him dig deep enough to make decisions he would never have dreamed of which included the murder of every enemy that still stood in their way and doing so before they could ever get the chance to strike first. Where most are known for thinking on the spot, Cyclops has always tried to stay steps ahead and has been that way consistently, even doing so to make a fool of Osborn when he tried to invade Utopia. He does not take anything for granted and emotions are something he keeps in check no matter the situation. He is one who has suffered, still suffers, and does what has to be done while damning the views of himself. Cyclops can be hated for his attitude, but his intentions were always pure and that’s what made him a great leader.

We joke and call him a boy scout, but Cyclops has grown up into someone who would sacrifice everything for his own people. He even did the unthinkable which is to allow the Phoenix Force to make it’s way to Earth just to use it’s power to restore the mutant race to it’s former numbers.

Again it’s not about power, it’s about emotional tragedy and triumph. Those who experience pain and yet continue to do what they do best. You may have a hero in mind yourself when you think of this and there really is no wrong answer.

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