The Bounce #4 Review

The Bounce 004 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

The Bounce #4

Written by: Joe Casey
Art by: David Messina

The Bounce #4 continues as Jasper finds himself performing his second act of heroism since donning his costume. Where you once questioned Jaspers direction, you slowly see him shaping up to take on the role of a hero as more like him pop up around him. This issue shows progress in molding this world into one fit for the superhuman.

Where we were told to expect Jasper to be that hero who finds this all new to him and you can just see that he’s having fun with the very idea. So is Joe Casey as well because he has two worlds in which the rules are of his making and he can create his own status quo. One in which it’s the less than likely who receive these powers and it’s those in “power” who are out to take it for themselves to exploit. Overall the name of the game is power and the world wants in on the action. The only question I do have to raise is that while trying to find a way into the same world Jasper found himself in, why not take someone who has those powers instead of a normal human?

The Bounce remains the fun book it has set out to be. He really does remind you of Peter Parker. Without the responsibility yes, though he himself is just as funny. He brings the humor to a serious situation and knowing his fighting style kinda matches make him more entertaining when in action.

As I said before, the story has become more condensed.  And now that things have slowed down as well, it allows more explorations and focus on not only Jasper, but the intent of the story as a whole. Especially the military as they are trying to find the source and world where those powers originate. If you felt that the book was fuzzy on meaning, you should go back to the second issue and make your way back up knowing it only gets better.

Score: 8.2/10

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