Ultimate Comics Ultimates #29 Review

Ultimate Comics Ultimates 029-000

Ultimate Comics Ultimates #29

Written by: Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art by: Carmine Di Giandomenico

Things are just never as they seem. That seems to be the theme of Ultimates and it serves well that Joshua Fialkov delivers on this when ever the opportunity arises. You see now that things are reaching their climax as everyone now finds themselves on the final stage. Things are looking up, but they are also looking grim and just about anything goes.

The focus being on Quicksilver was something I was awaiting to be addressed. While everyone’s motivations have been clear, his were not considering what Reed and Kang had in store for the world. You saw someone with so much conviction towards preserving his own people and then his world shattered all in one instance. That was the emotional pull this story needed when everything has been so brutal. Only thing that distracted me was that the narration on his part dragged on a bit longer than it should have, I do feel some parts could have been cut because a picture sold enough of the moment.

The greatest element of this stories arc has been the sense of urgency which remained consistent. Up to the very end of this issue you saw everyone taking this very seriously when considering what is at stake. Not just the heroes, but Reed as well who is finding things aren’t going his way. Again we see how willing Joshua is to off any character as it fits the story, not afraid to pull punches or pull the plug. It’s what makes the Ultimate Universe unique as a whole. To see who Kang really was made the end very shocking. I would have never suspected it was who it was until you saw her true powers on display.

A solid issue as everything occurring lives up to the arc being named Disassembled. This is one book from the Ultimate line that you should not underestimate. Pick it up if you care for the fate of the Ultimate Universe because it starts with The Ultimates and it ends with them as well.

Score: 8.5/10

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    (August 23, 2013 - 1:07 am)

    ever since the start of disassembled i suspected it was her by small details that often goes unnoticed unless you read ultimate fantastic four. all the clues were there. it appears on issue 25 up to 29. great tragedy the one of pietro maximof. fialkov certainly has taken FULL advantage of Ultimate Marvel’s history. the story and the characters feel a little clustered and hulk was left out, but the ending alone indicates that the disassembly of the ultimates is not yet done

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