Venom #39 Review


Venom #39

Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Kim Jacinto w/ Mike Henderson

One venom is enough for an over-the-top fight, but two? Now you’re just spoiling the fans. Andi becoming the second Venom is almost like seeing another what if, when someone claims a symbiote who finds themselves troubled. Only difference is that both still use it for good. This could have gone many ways, and it certainly could have been a failed attempt, but Cullen Bunn handles the concept of having a symbiote very well.

Flashes life is filled with tragedy. Sure at this point you could say that he needs to get over it, yet there are opportunities such as this where you take advantage of what those tragedies can bring. The biggest fear for Flash has always been that those nearest to him would always find themselves in trouble if his identity was discovered. Of course it obviously was going to be discovered, and Andi was obviously going to be at the center of it, but it’s what came out of it which is most important. She may now live the same life as him, but neither are in it alone. It was a smart move because now we know that there is even more to Venom than what’s on the surface and that is something to be explored down the road.

The one thing I find odd is that with Andi owning a portion of Venom now, I kinda feel more interested in seeing a story from her. She just seems to have that spark about her in which she’d do more as a hero or stand out in public as one than Flash. Guess that’s a good thing to take from this considering how different he is from everyone else. This story seems to thrive off of making him unique.

Solid issue that gave us something rare. You aren’t going to see two Venoms on the same panel like that and this sets up for future team-ups between them.

Score: 8.0/10

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