Having a Life Through Fandom


As avid comic readers, gamers, film fanatics, music fanatics, artists, and so forth, we always come across the question as to if we have lives. Not sure whether it’s the passion we have for what we like, but I just can’t see it as though we lose our lives to it. If anything I’d say we integrate those passions into our lives. Something that I thought applies to everyone in some way. If someone were to ask me if I have a life because of my passion? I would respond because “I am a comic fan and it’s the ideology of what I like which molds me. Our passions open up door to so many worlds and experience that is impossible to understand unless you share in it.

Holding On To That Burning Passion


As most of us here are gamers, we don’t see ourselves as having no lives. This is our life, this is what we do, this is what we experience, and this is a passion we pass on to countless generations to follow. Every game has some story, a concept, or character that we admire, that is the life we integrate into our own when we think of gaming. There are so many games out there, and each open us up to a world where we forge a new journey. We can be whatever we want to be whether a warrior, soldier, princess, plumber, assassin, racer, sorcerer, superhero, thief, and so much more. There is no limit to what the world of gaming can produce and those limits are being shattered every year as those with a burning passion do what they do best to improve our experience. Let the outside world think of it as a waste of time, or the cause of violence around the world. They will see in time that they are finding scapegoats for their own problems and just want to feel superiority over others.

Since the very beginning films have done nothing but make our dreams a reality on the big screen. There has never been a limit to what can be made into a film, and the interpretations directors make of things that we experience every day. From horror to action, fantasy, comedy, romance, comic, to documentaries, the skies the limit. We have seen many stories told and everyone of them is unique and captivates us in ways you can only imagine. You want to ask if film fanatics have lives? The time they put into the masterpieces they make and the films they review speak for themselves, and they will understand most films better than you ever thought you could.


Asking what music does for a person is like asking why you take medicine when you’re sick. Music opens our minds to so many emotions and tell a story in their own way. No one listens to the same genres and each speaks to that preferred audience in their own way. Music is expression through sound and that is how we express what goes on in our lives, we are all one sound yet that sounds is made up of many unique tones. Each tone speaks a different language and tells the story that we think best fits us as listeners. When you think of those people who make music, you remember that they are letting you into their lives every time you listen to their tracks. An album is a journey into what they experience and want to express through you.

As a comic fan, what I believe in is superheroes. I follow their stories, the morals they instill, and their progression over the years. Each time I pick up a book I find myself immersed deeper within their lives. Their struggles become my own and as I understand them more, I find that it helps me do the same for myself. We relate to comic book characters and that’s what keeps us coming back for more. I could easily say that the character who best represents me is Beast as most of you know, but that isn’t the truth. There are many heroes that helped me become the person that I am, as I said, I am a comic fan not because I don’t have a life, but because I choose to have many. There would be no Marvel or DC Universe if we all stuck by one hero. Every hero stands for something and calls out to a different part of every reader which makes up a world we can only find in a comic book.

Comics are and have always been a gateway to a new world for readers to explore. In this age it is impossible not to notice that comics are making their way back on top with all the movies, shows, action figures and video games. The world is starting to see now that they aren’t just a bunch of people running around in tights beating each other up and that there is a lot more to superheroes. They represent a world we’d like to live in, morals we wish others stood by, and project the courage to be more than the every day man to do what is right when faced with wrong.

So to answer that question for comic fans, yes we do have lives. Just as we show our appreciation for comics each day, so will the world as the comic industry becomes an empire that sweeps across every form of entertainment today.

So there is no question of if you have a life. Life is what you make of it and your passions speak for themselves. Never let anyone question them, and never let them undermine their importance to you. You are gamers, comic readers, film fanatics, music fanatics, artists, and whatever you want to be, nobody can take that away from you unless you let them. You don’t live one life, and you never lost one, you live many which tell a different story. These stories are unique and express what we as human beings can’t.

Jideobi is the Comic Editor at Analog Addiction where he writes all things comics and comic related(especially if X-Men). Also follow him on Twitter @Siphen0.

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