Entering Marvel NOW! Wave 2


It’s safe to say we have finally entered Wave 2 of Marvel NOW!. For those not aware, it is in waves, you could call them progressions in story which add to new book additions. As Alonso stated “…There are plans for a Marvel NOW! Wave 2 — a new wave of titles that will generate the same amount of excitement amongst retailers and fans that the first wave did.” I think we are at that point where we can say Wave 1 was a success and welcome Wave 2 with open arms.

Starting with Avengers A.I., then progressing to Superior Foes of Spider-Man, Superior Spider-Man Team-Up, and the upcoming Mighty Avengers. The first of new titles to be expecting as the events of Age of Ultron end and the events of Infinity unfold. Avengers A.I. could be better, but the rest have been great additions as a start and hopefully will be stepping-stones for Marvel NOW! it continue in its streak of success. I mean it’s funny really, because you would never notice they are in Wave 2 until someone mentions this. That is something which shows the cohesiveness of the shared world they created.

So right now we have:

avengers ai

Avengers A.I.

Created by the creative team of writer Sam Humphries and artist Andre Lima Araujo, serves as an aftermath to the Age of Ultron event and the first new title in Marvel’s Wave Two of Marvel NOW! comics. The book follows a team of synthetics brought together by Hank Pym in order to combat a new danger.


Superior Foes of Spider-Man

With a creative team of Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber is a new addition thanks to Superior Spider-Month. It explores the hilarious adventures of Boomerang and the new Sinister Six as they team up to pursue crime in a city dominated by a new, less forgiving Spider-Man.


Superior Spider-Man Team-Up

With a creative team of Christopher Yost and David Lopez. It will continue where Yost’s Avenging Spider-Man left off, with the new title acknowledging the changed status quo since the events of Dying Wish.

Mighty Avengers Variant
Mighty Avengers

Scheduled to debut in September 2013, The Mighty Avengers by writer Al Ewing and artist Greg Land features a team including Luke Cage, Power Man, She-Hulk, White Tiger, Blue Marvel, Monica Rambeau, Falcon, Ronin and the Superior Spider-Man. Regarding the diversity of the characters, Executive Editor Tom Brevoort said, “The reality is that the people who are interested in these characters and want to see heroes that reflect them have a genuine point. We first started conceptualizing this book in February around Black History Month, so there was a lot of talk around that”.

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