Knuckleheads #1 Review


Knuckleheads #1

Written by: Brian Winkeler
Art by: Robert Wilson IV

Of the many origin stories out there for upcoming heroes out there, this has to be one of the most unconventional approaches I’ve seen, and it was hilarious in every way. One thing you come to appreciate from books out there at this time is to be able to find those that don’t take themselves so seriously. That is what I got from Knuckleheads #1 and I liked it.

Trev is a very special case as you wonder just why someone like him was given power and yet not take his job seriously. As Brian Winkeler stated, it is basically like reading Green Lantern, but with a unique twist on it. When I read this I felt as if I were reading what would have happened if that power ring fell into the wrong hands. The hands of someone irresponsible, and of course we are speaking of crystal fist. Even his costume was something I found surprising because he just doesn’t scream superhero when you look at him. Makes you all the more curious as to his motivation for finding saving innocents lives to be more important than his own.

The moment that really sold my interest in Trev was his moment to rise to the occasion. One which took me by surprise because any person would expect to see what he’s capable of doing. I mean not he or Lance have any idea as to what he’s capable of with the crystal fist.

Overall this is a fun book which has fun with the idea of superheroics. You’ll laugh, and you’ll get to the end wanting to see what happens next. The art style is clean and the facial expressions are handled very well. It doesn’t try to be anything more than a book focused on humor and that is a reason to pick this up when other stories seem too intense.

Score: 8.4/10

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