Knuckleheads #2 Review


Knuckleheads #2

Written by: Brian Winkeler
Art by: Robert Wilson IV

Crystal Fist seems to have gotten a little more than he asked for. After the motivation of being able to save a hot chick, Trev has sprung into action to take on whatever this beast is that is terrorizing the city.

So now we have some idea as to what Trev can do with the crystal fist. Though it doesn’t quite look like what a Lantern can do, it resembles something more like telekinesis at the moment. An interesting choice of power for someone like him, and as demonstrated in the first issue, it does have its perks for someone as lazy as him. The only questionable thing is the use of the Wiimote, that just may be explained later on. Aside from this, what stands out is Brian Winkeler’s use of the characters. As two with no powers, the pizza guy and Lance manage to still find some balance in their importance to the fight. Makes it entertaining knowing that someone like Trev needs to depend on outside help given the powers he wields.

While there’s no sense of danger, the fun is in how they handle this situation. You see Trev who is probably crapping his pants still being a new to this, and his friend who kinda enjoys poking fun at his atempts. In other stories you don’t see the friend so involved, and in this case it works for the story and overall tone displayed. The only issue I could find with this was that it was a bit short, though that still didn’t stop it from being entertaining. Trev might have bitten off more than he can chew, though as a newly established hero, we should want to see how he digs himself out of this hole.

Score: 8.1/10

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