Knuckleheads #3 Review


Knuckleheads #3

Written by: Brian Winkeler
Art by: Robert Wilson IV

The fist definitely gets real. Just when you think this newbie is out, he gets his second wind to prove himself. Even if you know it is out of fear for his own life, you can’t help but cheer him on. We say unconventional, and right now it seems like an understatement. That is a good thing as well.

He can fly, he can shoot energy blasts from the crystal fist, and he blew up a monster. Three surprises that were executed in a way that was essential to cementing Trev’s footing as a legitimate superhero. The cliche of any hero is that they find their true potential when backed against the wall, and that is the position that Trev found himself in. Not only could he have been killed for his inexperience, but those around him involved could have found themselves biting the dust as well if he didn’t dig deep.

What does come into question in this whole conflict is the reaction of the world to this. I really do like the focus on the four characters involved, but I would like to see that the world around them is alive and that there is some consequence to his actions when a building or car is destroyed. Nothing too big, but it’s those small additions that keep you engaged in the story. Besides this, I do like the supporting cast, even the pizza guy who I wouldn’t mind seeing as a recurring character since his importance overall has not been established yet.

Even doing this, the story still falls nothing short of hilarious. Taking every opportunity to make you laugh when things manage to get serious. As his first act in this book, I’d say that Knuckleheads has potential if it continues this pace and tries to be nothing more than it is now. Having meaning is good and all, but you still want something that you can get a genuine laugh out of. All within reason wince we do still want to see some growth from the main character and maybe more of an explanation as to who these aliens are that gave Trev the crystal fist. This book has done that for me in all three issues so far. Highly recommended that you pick up this book and support it.

Score: 8.5/10

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