Injustice Gods Among Us #33 Review

Injustice - Gods Among Us (2013-) 033-000

Injustice Gods Among Us #33

Written by: Tom Taylor
Art by: Bruno Redondo

When the dust settles, the wronged finds more reason for cause. You wonder what could have pushed the Man of Steel so far to the edge that there just was no turning back? Here you realize just what set in motion something bigger than any of them expected it to be. Tom Taylor has truly brought that spark which ignited a story with so much more to it than was seen on the surface.

As I mentioned before, to those who have played this game, this act of the story was leading to the end of someone who was never justified in how he died. It was obvious that he must have instigated Superman for this to happen, but you just would have never imagined it to occur like this. It was the most well executed death so far in this story and I believe it to have the biggest impact to come. Still you can’t say who is wrong in this occurrence and that is the brilliance of this writing so far. Both sides are crossing that line, and it’s what they will do that crosses the line for their goals which creates the intense atmosphere which is Injustice Gods Among Us.

The line has now been drawn in the sand. That is the line in which Tom Taylor has been establishing since day one. Putting characters where they need to be, and capitalizing on their importance and involvement. It is this issue that makes the previous which was centered on that child’s experience with Superman make that much more sense. The Superman you knew before is no more, you just cannot do something that Batman and the government tried to do to Superman, his family, and his friends and expect not to invoke his full wrath. You just see that dial cranked up consistently and that is how we reach the point of no return for all who stand firm on their stance in this fight.

Once again, if you are not reading this book then you are not doing yourself any favors. This isn’t another civil war among superheroes. This is them fighting for their ideology and what that stands for at this moment. That is what Tom Taylor has challenged and displayed time and time again. Doesn’t pull any punches either given that someone human such as the Green Arrow could suffer such a fate.

Score: 9.5/10

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