Avengers Arena #14 Review

 Avengers Arena 014-000

Avengers Arena #14

Written by: Dennis Hopeless
Art by: Kev Walker

Boss Level has begun! And no one is safe. Where everyone was together and you thought they’d finally work together when things are coming to a close, Dennis Hopeless shows you just how “hopeless” their situation really is.

Again the best element of this book has been taking these young superheroes and giving them depth as the story progresses. They aren’t all just thrown in to be slaughtered, everyone has their story and Dennis has shown just what makes each and every one of them tick. Even if some die, it is not without making them someone worth caring for. You do that through creating that attachment, open the door to their world. In this case we finally find out what lies behind the smile of Bloodstone. The one hero who never really seemed to take anything seriously and now you get to see why that is, and why that has changed.

While still a bit disappointed to never actually see Arcade carrying out these devious acts to puppet them into the situations they find themselves in, you enjoy the fact that he has everything planned out. 2 steps ahead which is shocking for someone such as himself who has never taken the games he creates seriously.

Great start to Boss Level and you can see that Dennis Hopeless is ready with his finger on that trigger. It’s coming down to the wire and it is emphasized that we know there will be losses and the heroes know there will be losses as well. If the story continues at this pace, even picking it up just a bit to carry to the end, this would be an excellent way to show those who aren’t reading it not to dismiss it for a copy of Battle Royale.

Score: 8.4/10

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