Justice League #23 Review

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Justice League #23

Written by: Geof Johns
Art by: Ivan Reis

Now that is a way to say Forever Evil. Did not see this coming and despite knowing what it led to, this conclusion managed to throw some surprises our way. Trinity War is now over and as DC’s first major event I’d call this a success. Many could take pointers from Geof Johns because it’s never about involving the whole universe to make something spectacular.

We knew this was a lost battle for the heroes since the beginning and their fall is what made this engaging. They’ve all been put into positions where the odds were against them and it was all about how they handled the situations and their approach which made this something worth following. I found the execution to be on point and nothing was really done for shock value which is what I’d fear about a scenario like this. It brought out some very emotional tales, took advantage of loyalties, and played on many’s strengths.

The best thing about this whole event is how condensed it is yet able to tell a story which was self-contained. No filler and it was a straight shot to the very end. The tie-ins were great and weren’t as many which normally make something like this confusing. I felt that while there were many mysteries to this story, every one of them was approached and unraveled brilliantly. Finding out who was behind everything and who he really was had to be the the biggest shocker. Even finding out who was the traitor among their ranks. Geof managed to make it so that you wouldn’t look too far as to who that traitor was until it really mattered.

Sometimes the best way to conclude and event like this is with a cliffhanger, and boy was this one heck of a cliffhanger. If you were questioning picking this up because you were let down by past events, this will not disappoint. Sure some might want to see more of an actual “war”, but as I said before it really isn’t needed to be emphasized to make a great event. With their first event over and done, the New 52 can now move into a new phase which should open doors for more refreshing stories.

Score: 9.5/10

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