New Avengers #9 Review

 New Avengers v3 009-000

New Avengers #9

Written by: Jonathan Hickman
Art by: Mike Deodato

The Black Order has made their move on Earth and things aren’t looking so good for the Illuminati. Up to now they have been fighting to keep from losing Earth to the inevitable incursions which prove to have no end, but now they face a force which sees them as the route of all their troubles.

It’s interesting to see how each of them approach this new enemy because this is something they did not see coming nor were they prepared for it. The only problem I saw was that they seemed to be focused on finding that last gem when it was kinda obvious that being the time gem it disappeared somewhere else. Could just be me though because I would think even not actually seeing it disappear that if it was still on Earth it should have shattered like the rest. There’s this and the fact that I expected the Black Order to be a bit more intimidating. Aside from this you could still say things went as expected which was as I said being caught off guard by Thanos’ assault.

The only thing this book leaves me questioning is why Namor seems to be lacking in action. For one who loves to spring into a fight no matter the opponent, he seems to be hiding something or just is underused. Now of course this all leads back to being a part of the Phoenix Five and he still remains to be the only mutant to show any signs of broken powers. All we see now is a broken king. Though aside from this the continuing conflict between him and T’Challa makes it all worth it.

A solid issue for the New Avengers tie-in into Infinity. While what they are fighting on Earth is important, you can only hope that it has some major impact on whatever else is going on around the world given there is more than just what they are fighting against which requires their attention. This story has potential, but only if the focus is kept self-contained and doesn’t rely too heavily on mysteries or questions that would throw off the readers.

Score: 8.3/10

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