DC’s Trinity War Event Review

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*Spoilers Ahead if You Have Not Read This Story*

As DC Comics’ first big event of the New 52, it’s make it or break it as to if they could pull off the most important establishment of the new world they have created.

As such, due to overwhelmingly positive reception, you can say this was a big success for DC. It doesn’t matter whether DC or Marvel, readers are always weary of jumping into a comic event or crossover. They don’t have the best chances of success, and the hype put into them isn’t always as easy to live up to. Trinity War lived up for the most part to the hype which was generated for it. Despite having some idea of what to expect overall, it was a very satisfying tale. It kept you guessing, and it was meant to be something you find exciting rather than being taken back by dramatics. They fight over loyalties, trust, their ideology, and over the general twists that this story threw at them and us.

Trinity WarForever Evil might be bigger or be seen as such, but what leads up to this change in status quo is what’s most important. Trinity War puts the pieces in place. All these heroes who make up the Justice Leagues are fresh off press with New 52 being a reboot. Now they are all established and are aware of each others presence as heroes. That is the transition that DC needed to make, and that is the opportunity that Trinity War opened for them to take. It was the very defining moment for many of them as well. No one acting out of selfish reasons and they all have reasonable motivations for the actions they take. It allows for more room towards diplomacy rather than constant fighting which would drag the story out longer than it should. A lot of the most heart-felt moments came from something genuine, something that flowed rather than through the use of shock. That is something which Trinity War has managed to step away from.

Trinity War is more condensed. The problem with any event is finding a cast of characters involved which doesn’t turn it into one huge cluster. So far Trinity war has done right by it only involving the three Justice League teams. It has reached it’s end, had some tie-ins, and yet was able to create many interactions without feeling as though heroes are just thrown in for a quick appearance. Now not only the cast but the duration of the event in which Trinity War also is condensed allowing it to stay on track without filler issues. The condensed story made for great pacing which you could only hope remains consistent till the very end.

ageultron2As much as I did find Age of Ultron entertaining, there is just no denying that DC has overshadowed whatever hype came from that event. From beginning to end it really did not disappoint unless you wanted more from the story than necessary. Expectations kill and that is the only way to lose interest in Trinity War. It had substance, and the fighting did not go on any longer than needed. It is a straight progression to the end and didn’t waste time on what did not contribute to the overall plot. Age of Ultron struggled to keep the reader engaged and more so left you feeling lost give the abuse of time yet again.

Sometimes the best way to conclude and event like this is with a cliffhanger, and boy was this one heck of a cliffhanger. If you were questioning picking this up because you were let down by past events, this will not disappoint. Sure some might want to see more of an actual “war”, but as I said before it really isn’t needed to be emphasized to make a great event. Deep stories and character development is all just false expectations that some people built up when really the story is exactly as they hyped it up to be. With their first event over and done, the New 52 can now move into a new phase which should open doors for more refreshing stories.

Score: 9.3/10

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