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Today’s comic recommendation is Valiant Comic’s Quantum And Woody, aka. “The World’s Worst Superhero Team” written by James Asmus with art by Tom Fowler.

“Eric Henderson and Woodrow Van Chelton are adoptive brothers. After years of estrangement they are brought together by the mysterious death of their father (Woody’s foster father). They set out to find their father’s killer and, in the course of their investigation, are accidentally imbued with powers.”

I’ve never been exposed to the first volume of this book, but as for the second? It was made for this generation and as a book focused on humor it certainly doesn’t miss a beat to make you laugh. As most will agree to, Quantum and Woody is one of the most unconventional books out there you will pick. As “The World’s Worst Superhero Team”, they live up to their name as they really don’t act like other heroes or display their values. It’s all new to them and they certainly aren’t fit for the power that they possess.

As the description above stated, this version of the team are brothers, with Eric’s father being Woody’s foster parent. Something which allows more of a connection between the two and a relationship that they can poke fun at. Eric is the one with the brains, the stick in the mud who actually takes the situation they find themselves in seriously. Woody is nonchalant and breaks the rules to get what he wants. It creates a tense atmosphere because their personalities are due to clash. They play off of each other and that is how you get a laugh rather than depending on one person who could easily grow stale. In this world there aren’t any superheroes so the reaction to them is quite unique. Mostly due to their reputation which is little to none.

Quantum and Woody cropAgain being a new take on this duo there are many differences that you notice off the bat. First being their upbringing. It’s been simplified to the point where they have a closer bond. One which makes their relationship more complex. While being childhood friends worked with the original story, being brothers and going through estrangement gives them room to grow as individuals as they don’t know what to expect from each other. This is done through flashbacks which we are all lucky is used sparingly as to keep us from getting bored with something that we should be finding humor in. They only have what they knew of each other beforehand to work from and the only thing that keeps the two connected is the death of their father and finding out the cause. James shows his understanding for these heroes and allows you to do so without too much effort on your end.

A highly recommended book that finds a balance between clever storytelling and humor. It is only 3 issues into the book and shows so much potential to contend with the humor of Deadpool. What James Asmus gives you is a genuine laugh without resorting to mainstream references. It all feels natural as if any joke you read would be your first time. It’s all about the execution and James got that down with this duo.

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