Deathmatch #9 Review

Deathmatch 009-000

Deathmatch #9

Written by: Paul Jenkins
Art by: Carlos Magno

Things are getting ugly for our heroes, and I mean that quite literally. It’s coming down to the final four and time is running out to find out why they are being forced to fight to the death and what the real threat is behind everything. Up to now Paul has given us subtle hints as to what that reason may be, but even so it’s not enough to go off of trying to figure just why they would put themselves in this kind of situation.

While it was obvious how far Sable would have made it in this story, the reason for it I do find important. There is always that one person who never quits in the face of adversity, who never gives up when the odds are stacked against them, and that person is Sable. No matter how many mysteries Paul Jenkins shrouded this game in, Sable has been that tool used to ease the reader through it all by taking advantage of her deductive skills. While Rat was the same, maybe even better, she stood for something pure which is why she could be the best candidate to have made it this far.

The one theme you could pick up from this entire series so far is that nothing is as it seems. Heroes, rules, the game itself, there’s always so much more than what you think you know and that is what keeps this story engaging. Always keeps that wheel turning in your head to try to make sense of what’s going on while anticipating what twist or loss will be thrown at you next. Loyalties are tested and so is their humanity. This is a story which shows how far a hero can fall and so far that is what he see and what you want to get out of this is how that one or few can rise to the occasion.

What I really came to appreciate was how well Carlos Magno handles gore. Just the detail put into everything gruesome, seeing how disgusting of a creature someone like Cube was and how disfigured his appearance is.

Overall we are approaching what looks like the end with the final four left to fight for their lives. It’s still a fight to survive, but also a fight to find the answers to why this is happening. Though Sable seems to be the person to figure this out, Manchurian looks to be the man with the answers. While not much of a surprise, he has many secrets behind that big brain and that’s something we should hopefully be able to explore in the next issue.

Score: 8.5/10

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