Shadowman #10 Review


Shadowman #10

Written by: Justin Jordan
Art by: Diego Bernard

I have seen many flashbacks, but none like this. None that have dug so deep into a well of emotions that portrayed love in its essence. That is what I got here when I read Shadowman. This issue was meant to be what explained the source of all Shadowmen, and in turn you got an experience which would leave you taken back as to how Justin Jordan

This is the first issue of the book that I have picked up and read. Did not expect anything or know what was in store for me rather than possibly an origins story, instead I feel that I got something different. Though technically somewhat of one, it was handled so well that you would forget that it’s not what’s occurring at that very moment. I wouldn’t know, but while reading this I wouldn’t find myself caring. It was just that engaging and the relationship created between Marcius and Sandria felt real. This was not forced, it did not need the cliches of every love story out there, it simply flowed and resonated with passion.

I already figured there would be tragedy set in this story, though not such as what was experienced for the main characters. As supernatural as Sandria and Nicodemo’s background was, you almost forget any and all of that because of those basic human traits which created their personalities. Fear, protection, betrayal, depravity, all these feelings come to mind and the characters portray. Those alone set the tone for the story and gave meaning to their actions and responses to the world around them. This wasn’t a time where you could feel those emotions without consequence and Justin shows to understand this, especially in the time of war.

It really had a classic look to it. One which matched the time period which the story took place in being time of war. Aside from this, it’s very detailed, especially in the facial expressions. Something you really notice on select panels when Sandria and Nicodemo stand out more. With the number of Pencilerss and Inkers on hand, they really made this look as appealing as the story if not more.

This book seems to step out of the shadow of super-heroics and it takes advantage of a grounded story, as grounded as they can make it be Justin Jordan can make it be. The main goal was to figure out the source of the Shadowmen’s power, and that much was found out, everything else was a plus. When I put this book down I just could not find anything bad to say about it, no problems at all. As Shadowman’s first year in the Valiant Universe, it’s a story like this which really makes you appreciate what they have to offer and this is one book you should definitely be following if you’re a fan of Valiant Comics.

Score: 10/10

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