Venom #40 Review


Venom #40

Written by: Cullen Bunn
Art by: Jorge Coelho

Flash and Andi are now one and the same, whether they like it or not. Call it fate, but now we have two would be heroes who suffer at the hands of the corrupt like Lord Ogre. Cullen Bunn shows his capability in handling tragedy and it is something emphasized and hammered when speaking in terms of these two.

It’s good to see how Flash has turned to Katy again for help. The biggest fear what that Flash moved on from many of the aspects of his life beforehand which made him feel like a hero, which he denies at this point. What’s worth pointing out is how Venom is able to create disguises. While something he has been doing for a while, it never really comes any easier as to how this is achieved, but even so it is a unique trait he has which adds to that agent mentality he carries.

Dani, she really has been a character worth exploring as someone who came into the connection of a symbiote by chance. Now calling herself Mania, it’s safe to say she is a distinguished host and one who takes a bit more pride in acting as an enforcer than Flash. It’s this sort of attitude that adds some excitement when Flash seems to have become a stick in a mud and drowning in depression. She has been given a very important role in this story given the new development we learn and it should be something which solidifies her as a character worth caring for.

Some of the faces drawn did seem to turn out a bit, rushed. I felt as though some expressions were empty and plain enough that it was hard to understand how they are feeling at first glance. This is mostly with Flash and it definitely felt a bit distracting. When you get through this issue, you enjoy the story, but it’s brought down by the inconsistency of Jorge Coelho. This is really a step down from the last issue and not really a good way to head into what is the end of this series.

Great build up, solid story, but brought down by lackluster artwork. Venom still has much to offer as it reaches the end of it’s run and whatever happens next will be something worth anticipating because it looks as if something big will occur.

Score: 7.8/10

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