Black Bat #5 Review

 The Black Bat 005-000

Black Bat #5

Written by: Brian Buccellato
Art by: Ronan Cliquet

The past never remains as such for Black Bat. It’s one thing to have to work under a contract you signed yourself that allows you to keep your new eyes, but to have to work with someone who had a hand in you losing them in the first place? That’s just bomb waiting to go off at any moment and Brian Buccellato handed it quite well.

When someone holds a grudge, it’s not something you let go of so easily and no single person can force you to. Brian did something which you can appreciate which is not talking down to the reader. There’s never a reason to pass off what someone did to you as if it never happened and Black Bat surely didn’t. You saw his frustration and you can feel it too because that is part of his motivation for what he does as a hero right now. The dark tone of the book in general helps to aid in this display as well. A lot of what he does is in the dark or at night and the shadows really help to take advantage of his abilities.

What is still left unknown at this point is what really goes through Carol’s head. Of every character involved she is the biggest mystery despite making her intentions somewhat known. We could find out what she is really capable of next issue and that is a good reason to look forward to it.

With a shocking ending, Black Bat remains a fast paced story which allows you to see the potential badass he can be when pushed to that point. While you could say that what happens is predictable, it was all in the execution which made this something believable when in other cases writers might have made this feel cliche. This stories progression is on point and something that both current fans of Black Bat and new fans can come to enjoy from Brian Buccellato’s approach to the character.

Score: 8.4/10

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