Baltimore Comic-Con: Dan Didio on Batwoman


Dan Didio made an appeared at the DC Panel at Baltimore Con today. He said that he was going off the script in order to address the controversy surrounding DC Comics and J.H. Williams III and W.H. Blackman from Batwoman over creative differences.

He said:

“She’s clearly a member of the Bat family, and that as a result she shouldn’t have a happy personal life. That she’s committed to defending others at the sacrifice of personal instincts and personal lives. So its important to establish their personal lives, but then they have to set them aside. And that heroes shouldn’t get married.”

Some would say it adds clarity to the matter, but I feel this is an unacceptable answer. You can take a risk on such a story and still give room to show why she can’t have a happy life. Heroes should be able to be married. Maybe that’s not what he wants but if they are to show the comparison to real life, then hero or not you don’t ignore such things. It’s an excuse and a cop-out. I may be harsh in what I’m saying but what keeps DC from getting to that point in engagement is ignoring what creative freedom things like love, marriage, and personal lives have for their heroes.

Batwoman is a member of the Bat family, but as one who doesn’t play as big of a role in it she should not be influenced by what standards are set for them.

What do you think about this?

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