Celebrating The 50th Anniversary of The X-Men!


Today we celebrate the 50th year since the X-Men first debuted. The X-Men, a group of outcasts that defend a world that hates them. The feared and hated that stand above what makes them different and become something more, something so respectable because of their willpower as a community.

These are people who are looked down upon, killed hunted and denied of opportunities that normal people get. Yet they are the strongest individuals because they are able to rise from this and overcome their mutations which can range from anything physical, mental, or destructive. Some are abandoned, can’t be seen in public, can’t obtain decent jobs others could. Each mutant them self has their own obstacle or trials they have to overcome throughout the series that make them stand out more than their powers. Lets take Wolverine as an example, you’d think he’s just a killer, but as of recently he has developed into a character more like Professor X, becoming more of a parental figure that maybe an older crowd could come to admire.

They’ve been through so much over these years, everything from:

  • Losing Jean
  • Surviving the Phoenix Force
  • Saving the world more than any other hero could count
  • Fighting back anti-mutant protestors
  • The bigoted senator Kelley
  • Dealing with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants
  • Escaping the clutches of Mr. Sinister and his twisted obsession with mutants
  • Had their ordeals with time travel
  • Surviving the 188 mutants that were left after Scarlet Witch cast her spell to put them on the brink of extinction
  • Taking on what remained of the Hellfire Club
  • Went through the mutant massacre of Genosha
  • Being one of the first to stand up to Norman Osborn
  • Creating Utopia
  • suffering from a schism
  • Went toe-to-toe with the Avengers
  • Losing Professor X
  • Brought back the mutant population with the aid of the Phoenix Force
  • Keeping the Original Five X-Men safe in the present
  • And now dealing with the future X-Men
  • And so much more which could be named in between.

Lets give it up for the X-Men who have stood as the symbol of the mutant race these 50 years and for another 50 years to come!

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